Ring too big, don't want to resize

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  1. :smile: Hi everyone!

    My dad gave me a lovely David Yurman ring, silver, yellow gold with a blue topaz.

    The thing is, it's one size too big. I don't want to get it resized (I'm lazy, I know)... where do they sell those rubber thingies you can put on a ring (the part facing your palm). Do you know what I mean? Or is there some homemade thing I can do myself?

    Thanks. Hope this isn't a stupid question.
  2. I'd go to a local jeweler. I think mine keeps those in stock.
  3. Excellent! We have great family friends who are jewelers. I know they're going to say, "JUST RESIZE THE DAMN THING." But it's so pretty I want to wear it. :nuts:
  4. I know some jewelers put in like a metal strip and it works like that.
  5. If you decide to have it resized be careful who you give it to to do it. The heat can damage the stone. I've had this happen more than once. The proper was would be to take the stone out before resizing but I guess a lot of jewlers are lazy and leave the stone in. That's just my two cents. P.S. I have a ring that is too big and I had a ring guard (metal) put on it.
  6. oops .. The proper way not was ....:shame:
  7. I think any stand in the mall, like Piercing Pagoda or something, will have those rubber thingies :biggrin: My mom has a ton of them, since she has very small fingers and her rings never fit her right.
  8. I wouldn't resize it, especially if you are young. You might find your fingers change a bit during pregnancy or over the years. I was happy to have my grandmother's (larger) wedding band in my jewelry box during the last two months of my pregnancy.
  9. You may even want to take it back to where your Dad bought it for you as I know DY rings come in lots of sizes...and just exchange it. Just a thought!
  10. Claire's sells them! In packs of multiples. I forget what they're called...it might be Snuggies. Just ask them for the plastic ring sizers.
  11. Heh, I use the extra rubber tubing I use in my aquariums. It's the exact same stuff and it's very soft and pliant.
    Just slice off a length and cut in down the center (the long way).
    The longer the piece of tube is, the tighter it will make the ring.
  12. instead of resizing, you can have two small metal 'balls' put in the inside back of the band, this makes it a tad smaller, so it won't roll on your finger, however not altering the actual band. also, they can be removed pretty easily i believe.
  13. _Yes, I have had this done with a ring that, due to the style, could not be resized. They soldered to the inside of the band a couple of small balls to make the ring fit to my finger.

    I currently have another complicated ring which cannot be resized which I will have this done.
  14. You can also use something that comes in a little tube that is applied to the inside of the ring. It dries in 24 hours and lasts for about 3 months for each application.
  15. If you don´t want to resize it, maybe you should use it as a pendant?