"Ring to clip an accessory or keyfob"

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  1. Does anyone out there actually clip a wristlet - or anything else to the "Ring to clip an accessory or keyfob"?

    I never have but have thought about it while using one of the more open bags like the Patent Tote.

    But I haven't really gotten in to wristies....yet.
  2. you haven't got into wristlets yet?! :nuts:

    my, my, kate, we're going to have to fix this.. :graucho: :roflmfao: :p
  3. Reading what everyone else carries and seeing the pics makes me want to get some pretty things for inside my bag. I love my bags (all 19 Coach and 3 Brighton...to date) but everything inside is so very plain and practical....no pretty colors.

    I'm deffinately having a re-think about my wallet - I don't have a Coach because their checkbook style doesn't have enough slots and the ones with slots don't seem to work for a checkbook. These wristies....Hmmmm...might work.:idea:
  4. I clip my keys to the ring. I have had too many near heart-attacks with lost keys only to find that they are in the black hole of my purse!!!
  5. ^^ Me too! I have the silver key fob thingy with the clip on the end and attach my keys to the ring so I know right where they are! I would also attach wristlets if my bag were the open kind.

    And yep, sounds like you need some accessories for you bags! You may even come to love them more than the bags themselves! LOL! I love my accessories, sometimes it's more fun to choose those than the bag!
  6. i love the acessories...especially the skinny's and wristlets
    i don't own a coach wallet but instead use my wristlet and skinny inside
    there are so many fun colors to choose from in terms of these items
    and then slap on a cute charm or keyfob and away you go!!!
    BTW waiting anxiously for friday when the signature/punch items come out!!!
  7. I use my D ring for my work keys and I've become so dependent it that when I carry my bags that don't have the ring, I'm kind of stumped as to what to do with them. What's funny is that before I owned Coach bags, I never had any bags that had the ring in them.

    And you absolutely have to get into wristlets . . . and minis . . . charms . . . keyfobs . . .
  8. on my D ring I have a carabiner cliped to it that holds all my "store cards" (CVS/Hallmark/PetCo/etc..) and a mini flashlight. (trust me - you get stuck in an elevator at work during a power outtage, and you'll start carrying a flashlight too.

    I'm currently carrying the patent tote...I have the silver trigger snap key fob, and I clip that to the clip (heheh) that holds the bag closed...so the keys are right on top (otherwise, I'm digging forever)
  9. nah, takes too much time. and i'd rather buy more accesssories to put stuff in ! i love accessories! and many mini bags!
  10. I don't use the D ring but maybe if I did I wouldn't always have to dig for my keys.
  11. I don't use it much. I only use the one in my LV speedy to hold a flash drive and other nerdy keychains.
  12. mmmm, i use the one on my speedy for the keys to the little speedy lock. i dont lock it, but i dont want to lose the keys either!