Ring the Alarm Indeed!! Jay-Z and Rhianha

  1. I'm not trying to start rumors, but right after break-up rumors, going to extremes of saying "we didn't break up" after years of never even saying they were together...
    why would you take your girlfriend's rival to a game, and basically sit her in your girl's seat?????

    I don't know, where there's smoke...:shrugs:

    jay.jpg (image)

  2. interesting... :wondering
  3. rihanna is prettier than beyonce. but dude, you gotta have some loyalty!
  4. LMAO! I love the name of the topic!
  5. Uhm interesting
  6. Isn't she like 18??? And he's like late 30's? Sigh. Typical celebs.
  7. But the two aren't even sitting next to each other! There's another man between them... I guess they're still just friends, or mentor/student.
  8. They're not sitting next to each other, so I find it hard to believe that they are dating....
  9. Beyonce and Rhianha aren't rivals. Just looks to me like a small group of friends at a game. I see no hits of romance in that photo. Especially with dude sitting between them. LOL!

  10. :yes: ...I agree, and I feel as though that guy, who Jay-z says he has known since childhood, who also encouraged Jay-z to start rapping, is STRATEGICALLY sitting in that seat....in the middle of the two!
  11. I don't think I'm buying Jay-Z and Rhianha yet. I'll have to wait for some juicer photos. She IS an artist on his label. Maybe they all went out as a celebratory thing, good record sells, sold out tour, relaxation after working hard on some new material? I don't know. How do we know that Beyonce and Rhianha are rivals, because they're both pretty and sing? No one says anything when Clive Davis takes Whitney out:drool:.

    I too LOVE the name of this topic!!
  12. That situation has been rumored for a while. Whether that is the reason JayZ and Beyonce broke up is still up in the air. I do think Rhianna is quite pretty though, as iss Beyonce. I don't know about them being rivals. With Beyonce's fame and success so far, Rhianna has a lot of catching up to do.
  13. ITA!!:yes:
  14. When I said rival, I meant romantic rival. The whole thing about B'day was that Jay-Z was spending wayyyy to much time "mentoring" Rhianna. So songs, esp. ring the alarm, was about that situation. I know B is too young to already be worrying about a "younger, prettier model" replacing her, but people were saying Jay-Z was trying to model Rhianna after B, esp the time they both had the same color hair.

    I never put much stock in the rumors because she's so young, but this is the first time I've seen actual pictures of them out in public together. And where was B during the game? Singing at a rodeo in Houston and visiting her "House of DamItsWrong""-quoting my fav blogger:smile:
  15. I couldn't even follow Z and B together....