Ring Specs

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  1. I've been on here for a long time and the one thing that continues to amaze me is the fascination with what everyone's specs are. Has anyone ever been asked that question IRL? I know I haven't (except maybe carat and I always try to brush it off.) If you see someone's ring and it is beautiful and you like it, that' all you have to say. who asks someone the color or clarity? Quoting the 4C's to someone seems rather meaningless and a form of one upping.
    Elizabeth Taylor had spectacular and i would guess the finest stones, but outside of carat size that's all the info.
    given out.
  2. No, no one has ever asked about the specs in real life. They've just commented on the beauty of the rings.

    People can be curious as to what others have, though, and an anonymous message board is a good place to find this type of stuff out. Hence why you see those type of discussions here.
  3. People have only asked carat size in real life
  4. No one has asked other than carat size, which they usually guess is bigger. The only person I have discussed specs with is my sister and only because we both enjoy diamonds / jewelry.
  5. The only people who ever ask me or who I ever ask are diamond/jewelry buffs.
  6. Don't care about the specs; I'm always a lot more curious about the price :P! (but of course wouldn't dare to ask :biggrin:)
  7. I've been asked about carat weight IRL but that's about it. People online have different "rules" then IRL I think.
  8. I don't have my ring yet but I was asked by my sister and my bf's friend what the stats were because they were also shopping for rings. it was actually really fun and not in a rude way because we were able to share research and talk about what we were comfortable sacrificing and what wasn't. For example, one had a G hearts and arrows VVS stone because she preferred clarity over color which was substituted by cut. Whereas I went with F VS because color was more important. It is interesting to kind of see different points of view. We even talked about cost jokingly because the couple was married 5 years ago and the price jump has been incredible. So we didn't mind talking openly about it all. We were all friends. It's all about the attitude you go into it with.

    However, I've been with my mom a few times and people will ask her carat size. One time this random friend of our family friend went up to my mom and had a loope around her neck. She was a jewelry store owner and wanted to know specs. It was rather odd and I don't imagine this happens often.
  9. I only think the carat or total carat weight is something people ask about IRL. I tell people the color also because I got a light yellow so figured they would want to know what is was categorized as.

    Personally, I don't really care what other people's C's are, as long as it's something they like then it doesn't really matter.
  10. I think this being a jewelry sub-forum and being mostly anonymous, people feel more free to ask questions that would be deemed intrusive or even rude IRL. Never have I been asked specs on my jewelry.
  11. I would never ask anyone the specs on their ring in real life because it makes me uncomfortable when people make a big deal out of mine... I get asked all the time if its real and one girl asked me to come with her to show her bf because she wanted a diamond in the same size range. However, I also live in a smaller town in Canada and Im sure half the people are inbred. :greengrin:
  12. I never ask the specs on other peoples rings..I do however ask where they got it, but that comes from our town being the largest small city in the Midwest. That and I'm a jewelery buff and am curious what the locals are turning out.
    No one has ever asked the specs (size or anything) on mine. I'm not sure why. I have had others ask where it came from thought...lol.
    As for people online, I don't have any interest in color or clarity, but I do love hearing about the cut...once again, because I'm a diamond nerd. Occasionally I wonder about size, but that is more because I'm always amazed how different sizes look on peoples hands.
  13. i was only asked about my specs by my sister's husband but he was ring shopping for her at the time so i didn't mind answering his questions at all. but normally i'm only asked the carat size.
  14. I am so happy that this question has been raised because I recently encountered a coworker who asked me and I found it to be quite intrusive. Is it wrong of me to feel this way? Is it considered ill-mannered to ask IRL?
  15. Mostly I've been asked about carat size. Very rarely do people ask about color and clarity unless they're in the market for a stone themselves.