Ring Selection from CHANEL

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  1. Here are some photos of rings that Nordstrom Mall of America currently has available.

    Aigle Ring: $260
    Boule De Strass Ring: $330
    Fleur De Neige Ring: $925
    Fleur De Verre Ring: $465
    Medallions Ring: $225
    Aigle Ring.JPG Boule De Strass Ring.JPG Fleur De Neige Ring.JPG Fleur De Verre Ring.JPG Medallions Ring.JPG
  2. Also, this is a photo of the classic Camellia Ring for $295.
    Camellia Ring.JPG
  3. Of course I would like the most expensive one.:rolleyes:

  4. beautiful rings!!!!!!
  5. My favorite is the Aigle ring with the blue and green stones.
  6. The Fleur De Neige is absolutely gorgeous!
  7. Do they come in different sizes?
  8. gorgeous rings...my favorite is the Boule De Strass Ring :heart:
  9. the Fleur De Neige Ring is absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Me too Smooth!! its gorgeous :heart:

    Thanks for posting Chanelboy
  11. The costume rings only come in one size. It usually ranges from a 6 to a 7.
  12. Ditto. I do have expensive taste.
  13. That particular ring is supposed to look like a flower with snowflakes on it. That was Karl's inspiriation for the collection.
  14. oops I forgot to quote the post
  15. This ring is so pretty, can i still get it anywhere in US? Thanks!:heart: