Ring resizing


Sep 17, 2007
Most of my rings I recieved from family are too big for me. I have kept them for all these years (or a decade) and wondering where I can go to resize them to fit my fingers. I have been reluctant to resize since I'm afraid if my stones would be replaced with something inferior and I would never know about.
Could anyone give me any recommendation?
How long will it normally take?
How's about the service charge? Thank you for all your advices.;)
FYI, I live in los angeles area.


Nov 16, 2007
It took two days to resize mine. Go to a reputable place, like I live in Brisbane and there is a chain called Proud's Jewellers which are really big. Go with your gut, make judgements on the district and reputation of the place. I'd suggest going somewhere well known even if it is expensive because you don't want to lose your rings.

With that said, it cost me $30 AUD to resize my ring, it was just silver with three cubic zirconia stones though so nothing expensive (but tonnes of sentimental value), I think price depends on your ring (don't quote me on that).

I'm sorry I can't recommend any places in LA, I live half a world away and in an opposite hemisphere :smile:.


Sep 21, 2007
It is normally anywhere from 10-30 dollars in my experience. Any chain or local jeweler can do it. If you take it to a chain, they will likely ship it off to whoever they have contracted with for repairs. I would prefer a local independent jeweler, personally for a lot of reasons.