ring resizing question / recommendations in SF?

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  1. I'm looking for recommendations for a place to resize rings in SF. I got a ring resized recently. It was complicated a bit because it's rose gold with stones and ornaments across the top 1/3 or the ring. When I picked it up I tried it on but didn't realize til later that it's now oddly shaped. you can tell where they cut it and there's a bump in the curve there and it's not symmetrical. I know that because they can't bend the front it wouldn't be a perfect circle but this usual for resizing?

    It's the ring on the left in the photo below. Also does anyone have recommendations on a place to get repairs and resizing in SF?

  2. How much of a decrease/increase was the sizing?
  3. It was from an 8 to a 6.
  4. Well, I hate to say that that might have been a big of a jump for such a ring, but a good bench might be able to reshank the ring and laser weld it together.

    Resizing can be very hard to do when it's a big "jump" up or down. Getting it smooth is the hardest part.

    I don't live in the bay area but I do know on another board I frequent that Derco is very good.