ring pink and canary diamond double flower

  1. I am new to this forum, but I am hoping that someone might know who designs or sells this ring I saw on a woman......I am pretty certain that the stones were diamonds btw. Here is a description......the ring had either marquis and/or pear diamonds. There appeared to be 2 daisys one above the other, one daisy was canary, with a white round diamond center, the other daisy was pink, also with a white diamond center. There might also have been one or two marquis clear diamonds depicting leaves....not sure. I have been looking online at Cartier, Harry Winston, Charriol, Van Cleef, etc.,.....the only site that comes "slightly" close to the description of this ring is Ausprey of London. Forgive me, but I cannot link their site here for you to see their colored diamond floral rings.......
    Bottom line, I wish I stopped her and asked her where she got her ring......not kidding, I have been thinking about this ring for a real long time. I hope someone can help with this request. Thanks in advance.
    I just love, love, love TPF.......and now I found jewels......oh my.....heart be still!!!!! :tup:
  2. It sounds a bit like something Boodles in the Uk do,I am fairly sure theirs was colored sapphires,but of a fantastic enough quality to be very lively and possibly appear like diamonds,I am also getting something else nagging at the back of my memory too,Aspreys spring to mind too,how about Chopard?? They do beautiful fanciful peices like this with diamonds.But something else is really nagging at me................. I'll have a think and get back to you!!XXXX
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  4. unfortunately, it is not the ring.....there was clearly 2 separate flowers, and the stones were not pave. Thanks for responding....much appreciated.
  5. hello....sorry about misspelling Asprey.....I was on their site and I did see something that was "somewhat" close to the ring I briefly saw on (the woman)....I will however, check out Boodles UK, and yes, I also did look at Chopard.....hope you come up with something.....I'm still thinking too......and searching. Merci!
  6. I'm thinking it might be something I've seen in a book of Laliques jewellery,the very old stuff,I will try and find the book for you,but we are currently de-cluttering our house as we're moving soon and loads of books and bits have been packed ready for storage,the boxes have'nt gone yet,so if its not at the bottom of one I'll certainly have a look and post you back!XX
  7. I hope you find your ring.
  8. thank you soooooo much......please do not empty the contents of your boxes......I've waited this long to find a place to ask questions about the ring I saw......I can wait a "little" longer until you find time.....btw, will you still be in the UK? Thanks....you are very kind.
  9. me too......thanks for your kind words.
  10. I'll still be UK,just moving to somewhere with a bit more life!!:tup:

    I've just found the book and theres nothing there,but its still ringing bells..............I'll keep looking xxx
  11. At the moment and to stop you waiting pointlessly,I have to say I've not turned anything up.I am positive I know of something like you described but for the life of me I can't find it!! Sorry hunny!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. chaz: you are such a dear for responding.......I remembered I saw this ring I described on a woman in the US......probably in one of the stores I've been known to frequent. lol
    I did look at the Boodles webpage........I now remember being in their store a few years back when I visited the UK.....much thanks again anyway. xo
  13. Good luck with finding ur ring =) it sure sounds pretty