Ring on Galleria Broke

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  1. My Mono Galleria is about 6 months old. While traveling, the ring that holds it into place came apart. I put it back, but it came apart again. A friend put it back and did not do it the right way. I did not want to mess with it, since I was traveling and had no other purse. Has this ever happened to anyone? Can I take it to an LV store and will they fix it while I wait? I have all the parts.
  2. They should be able too. This happened to mine as well. Just haven't gotten around to taking it in.
  3. Yikes! This makes me nervous since just bought this bag last month, I have not used it yet though....
  4. shocked!!! Why is this the first i've heard of this problem. I have one coming on monday. :sad:
  5. This bag does not hold up well. Regret buying mine.
  6. Two grand for a GM and looks like I had it five years. Bitter.
  7. Can you please post a pic?
  8. I have mine for few years and never
    had any problem ;) still beautiful and
    I love her the same as day 1 :biggrin:


    Rings still in perfect condition !!!
  9. This is a known problem with the Galliera's.. Happened to my friend as well and also a few people in the clubhouse!
  10. I agree with this. I had mine for 6 months and it aged so bad so quick I sold it.. for half what I paid for it.
  11. :sad: is this a GM or a PM problem, or all Galliera's?
  12. :sad: Hopefully they fix it for you! That's unacceptable for the prices we pay.
  13. Where was this bought? At an LV boutique? The Galliera is not known for structural issues. How odd.
  14. I hope so too. Sorry others have had this problem too. The woman who put it back together did not do it properly, in other words, it is not through all the correct circles, but it is holding. I can use it, but want to take it back to LV to fix. I do not want them to send it out, just fix it. I own a Totally Azur, which is holding up very well. Kind of disappointed here.
  15. Yes, at the LV on Rodeo in Beverly Hills.

    Can I take it to any LV to have a look at it? I tried to remove the ring, and am unable to do so, but the bag is not laying right now since it is only put through one of the circles, and not two. Hope this makes sense. Not too savy with the pictures so I am not sure how to post.