Ring has a "code" number, weight and a diamond shaped stamp on inside?

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    I'm sorry if I'm bugging everyone with all my posts! My last thread had so many posts I just didn't think anyone would see my question.

    Ok, the ring I bought from the pawn shop has a long code on it with a diamond shape stamp pic next to it. Also has the ct weight on the other side of the code. This is all on the solitaire band.

    What does this mean?

    Any ideas? Thank you. So sorry again!

    I drew a pic of it because my cam can't get a good shot.

    This is not the real number :p It's an eight number code. The diamond shape also has something under it. Maybe a "G"? It's so teeny tiny I can't tell. Surely if it was the "color" of the stone it would be bigger just like the Ct size that's also on the band. Right?

    Thank you!
  2. The number could be a diamond grading report number for the diamond. Or it could be a style number for a jeweler (among other possible options). Hard to tell from just that description. Is the number hand etched in or is it more like standard numbers stamped in it?

    The diamond shape may be a maker's mark. If you can get a picture of the marks, that may help someone identify it for sure.

  3. Thank you :smile:

    It seems to be etched on. More shallow than the stamped on 14k gold sign. I'll see if I can get a pic. I'm alomst positive I wont be able to.

    Maybe I could draw one??? LOl! I'm not kidding! LOL!
  4. Is there any symbol in the diamond shape?
  5. Just uploaded a "drawing" for you! LOL! Hope this helps!
  6. LOL--sorry I'm the one that keeps trying to "answer" your questions. I'm not sure I'll be able to answer this one for sure. But maybe someone else may recognize it.
  7. OK, I don't recognize that one. And I'm wondering if it is a maker's mark or if it has something to do with the diamond itself...It's difficult to research these types of things sometimes. This is where a really good friend in the diamond business (meaning major diamond broker) may know something. Anyone? LOL.

    Are the numbers all zeros like you drew them? Or is that part of the design?
  8. Sorry--just saw your information after the picture. Not sure about the "G" under the symbol. Is the carat weight the correct one that the jeweler verified yesterday? Did the person who looked at the diamond notice the symbols on the ring?

    You could try to research this symbol, but it's probably going to be hard to find. Maybe another tpfer will know it. I would definitely ask someone at the jewelry store if they recognize those markings.
  9. LOL! You're so silly, I love your replies!

    Nope, it's a bunch of diff numbers. I just didn't want to post the real ones. Not sure if it's "case sesitive" or not. lol! Thank you for looking for me! I couldn't really find anything either :sad:
  10. The numbers can be a stock number for the band itself. For Tiffany rings (may be others as well) can be numbers that match the stones.
  11. Thanks ladies :smile:

    So do you think that since the band has the CT weight and a code with a diamond stamped next to it that my stone might have a code on it as well?

  12. Jenny,
    GIA used to sometimes laser inscribe the report number onto the girdle of their diamonds. At least that was a service they performed. I would guess you might need something stronger than a loupe to see this??? But all these questions are why I would try to find a professional (and experienced) gemologist. Not everyone in the "business" has much knowledge. In fact, I am often amazed at how little they know.

    Did you try to check back with the store to see if they recognized these marks?
  13. The last solitare i bought has the diamonds serial # in the band of the ring as well. It's probably that.
  14. I'm actually heading out the door right now to take it to another shop in the next town. There isn't anywhere else to except St. Louis and that def isn't going to happen by the time the pawnshop closes at 4:30 tomorrow. lol!

    I'm not looking for perfect cut or the all around perfect diamond. I'm super duper happy and excited with this one. From MY eyeballs it's perfect :smile:

    I think I'm just more curious with what these markings mean more than anything. I do have one question I forgot to ask when I brought it in to the jeweler we have here the past couple times.... was it enhanced?

    We shall see. That's my main question for this place I'm going to today. It might be a deal breaker... I'm not sure.

    I want to thank you SOOOOO much for helping me and answering my crazy amount of questions! I'll be back later today (taking my neighbor and her daughter and my daughter with us, it's gonna be a long day! LOL!) and tell you what this new shop says. Hopefully it's good news. I'm so in love with this stone, but not enough to be tied down with having to "becareful" with it if it's enhanced. That would be a pain. I have a 4yr, I can't do a fragile diamond! LOL!

    Well, thank you again! I'll be back later in the day. Cross your fingers!

    :p Jen
  15. So many threads...I'm getting confused!!

    At any rate, I think the numbers are probably stock numbers for the band. Your diamond will only be laser inscribed if it's a GIA graded stone (and then not all GIA graded stones are inscribed).

    Good luck today with the new jeweler. If the stone is enhanced it should be a deal-breaker, as it dramatically reduces the value of the stone.