Ring dilemma

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  1. Hi everyone. This is my first post here and I would really welcome your advice please.
    I have a 5-stone diamond eternity band and a 7-stone diamond cluster e/r that I want to wear together. Unfortunately both are high set so they don't sit against each other properly.
    My plan is to have the eternity band re-set into a much lower setting which would be the same height as my wedding band (22ct gold dates to 1852). I've been quoted £360 (around $720) to do it.
    The only reason I'm dithering is the SA at the goldsmiths commented that she thought my eternity band diamonds were too big and wasn't sure if the rings would look right together. She suggested trading it for a ring with smaller stones - which I'm not too keen to do.
    I've attached pics showing how they look now. Should I go ahead and have it re-set??
    Many thanks for any advice.
    rings 1.JPG rings 2.JPG rings 3.JPG rings 4.JPG
  2. You could have them 'wishbone' set,so they snug round the outside of your cluster.If you don't want to alter your wedding band as its so old,have your jeweller alter the 'basket' under neath your cluster by creating a 'step' in it that will allow your wedd band to slot in underneath.

    You could also have your eternity ring 'channel set' so the stones again sit that much lower,and if they are put into a shaped channel set ring,that will also let them sit under your cluster a little,where it swings up to the outside,and what won't fit underneath will curve to the shape of it band be altogether a different and more comfortable fit for you.
  3. Sort of like this,but with rounds,I'll see if I can find a better example for you xx[​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]

    Do these help at all???
  6. Thanks for that! You are a whizz with the pics now.
    They did suggest wishbone but I really don't like it. The new setting would be very similar to channel set and I reckon that might work. I'm wearing them altogether at the moment, even though they look awful, to try to get the feel of how it might look!
  7. Hmm. I don't know other than Chaz's suggestions. I would hate to reset the eternity band- I think it is pretty as is. I think bands look better when not channel set. If you like channel set and it would be flush, that's probably your best option if you don't like the wishbone.

    If it was me, I'd probably end up wearing the eternity band on another finger and just the band and e-ring together b/c I love your eternity band setting as is.
  8. I like this idea a lot!
  9. I agree with elizath, I would just wear one of them on another finger. I have both an eternity band and a "cluster" ring that resemblance yours, and although the eternity band isn't high set it doesn't go well with the other ring. I wear them on different fingers (the eternity band with a solitare, sometimes) :flowers:
  10. Thanks everyone! I've been playing around with my rings and even getting friends to take theirs off so I can try all permetations! I'm going to go ahead and have it re-set in a serpentine setting which will sit flush with my wedding ring. Will post pics post ring surgery!
  11. bump.
  12. bump? Do you have a new photo to share w/ us?
    I thought you made a decision?
  13. No I bumped it because I posted a new thread about the Tiffany diamond channel wedding band and a poster couldn't find this thread & wanted to see my existing rings.
    I couldn't work out how to link threads so bumped instead.
    I have made a decision about the eternity ring - not sure if I've made the right one though! Could be an expensive mistake.
  14. OH LOL! I read the post about you making a decision and coming back to update. . . the the bump and I was confused!:lol:
  15. Sarajane I found it, it looked lovely before but it looks even better now, where did Chaz get this from, it's a great idea, I love it! :woohoo: