Ring Delima...is it tacky to do this?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm having a bit of an engagement/wedding ring issue. My engagment ring is very thin and delicate, yet quite ornate. It's almost identical to this one, but with more filigree and pavé around the prongs & halfway down the band:

    I can't find a band that looks good with it, nor fits with it, and besides, I feel a band with it would take away from the design and be uncomfortable. So, I've decided I'd wear my engagement ring alone on my left ring finger and wear a wedding band on my right hand.

    Now to the "issue:"

    I have two choices regarding the band.
    a.) a cute white gold wedding band that is also very simple and thin and is somewhat like my e-ring in that it is also white gold and antique style. http://www.marleneharriscol.com/categories/AntiqueStyleWeddingBands/WB745.html


    b.) a thicker yellow gold band with six little pave diamonds grouped in the center, cluster style that my mother in law brought me from Greece. My hubby is of Greek ancestry and over there they wear yellow gold and the wedding band is on the right hand. While I like that it's from her and she wnted me to wear it/have it, it's MUCH thicker than my e-ring, way more modern looking, and yellow gold, whereas my ering is white gold. The two styles are NOTHING alike. It's actually very much like this ring, except the middle part with the diamond chips is an oval shape.

    So, the white gold band is what I like, the yellow gold band is what has "meaning". What should I do?????????????

    I am torn between pleasing myself vs. pleasing her, and what's stylish vs. what's sentimental.


    Thank you for reading this....and yes, I know i'm INSANE!:nuts:
  2. I personally think that the first ring is a more consistant & uniform look if that is what you are going for. Otherwise I often see people with very mismatching rings on both hands and it can have its own good look of being very carefree, especially when both rings are nice like yours are.

    If it is important for family politics to wear the second ring, I would get it rhodeum plated, even though this is a commitment for life to get it replated. I have my yellow gold er rhodeum plated and its worth itbecause its an inexpensive way to bring it closer to my current tastes. I know many girls who changed the color of their yellow gold by getting it plated! BTW, white gold is rhadeum plated too. Good luck.

    ps. My advice is to not take it too seriously even if you have to comprimise because you can always change things down the track. eg. you could even accidentally loose a ring that you are not fond of!!!!!!!:idea:
  3. i would wear the ering on ur right hand and wear the yellwo band on ur left. another possibility- i had a diamond band customed to fit around my ering. i then got a yellow gold ban to wear for our religious seremony and when i m running aroudn and dont want diamonds on. u could always get both (if that isnt possible right now u coudl get the 2nd one l8r on)
  4. I prefer your first option. The two ring styles compliment each other. Understandably you want to honor your MIL too. Is it possible to have both? Perhaps the one with the pave diamonds and yellow gold needn't be an everyday ring. Maybe it could be worn on special occasions only.
  5. Option A.
  6. I personally prefer the first one.

    Have you not considered just getting a plain White Gold band so that you can wear it with your engagement ring - a wedding band doesn't have to have diamonds on anything on it.

    Also, I would personally wear the wedding band on my left hand and the engagement on my right - only because traditionally it was believed that the vein from the fourth finger on the left hand (where you would wear the wedding band) goes directly to the heart - that is why the rings have traditionally gone on that finger.
  7. Option A.. :smile:
  8. I have the same dilemma. My e-ring is very ornate and thick...a wedding band just does not look good with it.

    I am considering either wearing a 1-2 carat eternity band on my right hand, or SO might upgrade my center stone to 2.5-3 carats on a plain band (Tiffany setting) and then I would wear a 1-2 carat eternity band flush with it.

    I really like the idea of wearing your wedding band on your right hand...very unique, IMHO :smile:
  9. the first one. :girlsigh:
  10. Although, I prefer the first one I understand your dilema.

    I purchased a plain gold wedding band two years ago and on days when I am wearing gold I wear that. In other words, every once in awhile you can alternate.

    Also, maybe you could consider wearing it on your wedding day on the right hand. Your FMIL may find that very special.

    You can also get a wedding band "curved" so that it sits flushed against your ering.
  11. option A.
  12. A -- just beautiful, as is your engagement ring. Congratulations.
  13. I vote to get them both (finances allowing) Where the white gold ones on your left and wear the yellow gold on your right. For the sake of meaning and tradition, use the yellow gold one in your ceremony. Good luck! And Congrats!
  14. Are both outof the question? Id wear the yellowgold on your left hand alone when you aren't wearing your e-ring at all, and maybe the ering on your right and the white metal band on yourleft hand the rest of the time.
  15. Crystalina,

    If it were me, and I'm probably much older than you, probably even older than your future MIL.....;)I would take the gold ring she wants to give you, select a second white gold ring that YOU want to wear with your E-ring, have them BOTH blessed during the ceremony and both slipped on your left and right hand/ring fingers one after another.

    I've heard of ceremonies using two rings....or more. Some brides wear a ring on either side of their e-ring, so two are blessed.

    OR, you could use the gold ring, wear it on your right hand, leaving your left hand with just your e-ring, and on the first occasion after the ceremony, or on your first anniversary, get a white "anniversary ring" to wear beside your e-ring.

    Of course, this anniversary ring would look exactly like the wedding ring you would have worn had not your kind future MIL offered the gold one to you to wear.