Ring Choice-Pigeons Blood Ruby or Art Deco Fancy Diamond


Jul 30, 2008
Hello fellow tPF-ers!
Hope everyone is well during this crazy time.
I am in the final decision process between 2 RHR’s.
One is a 1.08 carat GIA certified pigeons blood ruby from Burma flanked with .35 carat each perfect specs pear diamonds set in platinum.
The other is a platinum Art Deco 2.5 GIA certified fancy yellow-brown diamond with SI2/I1 clarity set with baguettes an the side. I can see one inclusion with naked eye but you have to look for it.
The ruby is a relatively smaller ring. Super simple super quality super classy.
The Art Deco is a charming chunky hunk of brown diamond old mine cut in a setting with much bigger finger coverage.
I’m torn between classy and sassy.
Opinions please (as best you can sans pictures which I will try to get)!!!!!! TIA
It would be helpful if you posted pictures but I’m not a fan of yellow or brown diamonds so just from the description the ruby sounds more appealing especially since all the stones are more high quality. It would drive me crazy to have a stone with visible flaws. Plus, one can never go wrong with classy!
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Feb 19, 2012
I like both as well though think personally would get more wear out of the ruby simply because of my style.

It depends on what you've got in your collection, general style, which you think you'd wear more and ultimately what makes your heart sing!


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Apr 19, 2015
I think the art deco ring. Its stunning for one, and Art Deco originals in good condition are not easy to find. They are so rare. It is around 100 years old, comes with certification and is so unique and lovely.
So go for the Art deco one for sure. :smile:
The ruby is stunning, but I think you can get that any time as the Art Deco ones sell fast and are super unique.


Dec 28, 2019
I like big, so for me the diamond Art Deco is a no brainer but it’s also because I love the setting. I think the ruby itself is a pretty rock but that setting is not attractive to me. Hope you’ll be happy with your choice.


Mar 24, 2009
I love the Art Deco ring. I truly dislike brownish stones though.
I would still get it but replace the diamond later on. The design is so pretty.
OTOH, the ruby ring is pretty. What a dilemma!
No wrong decision here for sure.
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