"Ring" Bag?

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  1. I'm sure I'm just waaayyyyyy out of the loop on this one..but Flare magazine had a picture of a Balenciaga "Ring" bag (as they called it) in the most recent issue. Does anyone have any information on it? It looks like a lot of patent piping...reminds me in a strange way of the Fendi B-Bag.
  2. scan us a pic!
  3. Okey-dokey, right back....:yes:
  4. Okay, here's the bag:
  5. Hmm... me no like... :Push::sad:
  6. i think thats for the fall/winter collection... its on the website


    I think it's cute, but I dunno, I'd have to see it in person. I'm not in :heart: with it.
  7. Good work bag, a little too conservative for everyday for me, I think...
  8. ewww... sorry, me not likey
  9. Any thought? I saw it at Jeffrey, it's very beautiful.
  10. Never heard of it....what does it look like?

    I love love love your doggy!!!!!!!!
  11. can someone post a picture?
  12. ya... would like to see it too.....
  13. On the Balenciaga site, there's two pics in the Accessories/Bags collections, but I can't copy/paste out of the site cause it's flash...

    Here's a large from Style.com

    Thanks Glimmer! That's the Ween, Canine Fashion Queen!
  14. what s tha pic number?
  15. Numbers 4 and 5 on the Bal site.
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