Travel RIMOWA, Anyone?


May 10, 2016
Hey everyone,
I am looking at buying an Essential Lite cabin bag, and i’m undecided about colour - I would normally just go for black but I can get it on the German Koffer24 website and its £70 cheaper than the site but they only have 2 colours either Red or dark blue. Problem is I like both!
i’m also wavering on size and think I will get the smaller cabin bag does anyone know is it a big difference?
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Nov 21, 2013
Hello, does anyone own the Rimowa Essential Trunk Plus? (

My question is, the dimension is 80 x 37 x 41 cm totaling 158 cm. Most US/Canadian airlines such as UA and AC allowed a max of 158 cm in dimension for checked-in baggage. It's a bit too close. Do any of you have any experience checking in the trunk for a domestic flight within US/Canada? Do I need to pay oversized baggage fee? FYI I'm asking for the economy class passenger allowance.

Many thanks~
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May 9, 2021
I’m getting the carry on end of this year. How do you like yours? And how has it held up over the years?
After having it for a while my honest thoughts: it’s not practical- it’s expensive for luggage, heavy, and damages quite easily. The first time I used my rimowas they both got dented in one way or another. That being said, I love my rimowas! imo the dents add character. Similar to h spa I like that rimowa offers repairs on their luggages. I look forward to using my rimowas for many more years :smile:
May 26, 2021
my little hybrid family (cabin & check-in L):

the check-in I’ve had for a decade now, stolen from my parents’ Rimowa collection. You can see the corners are very beat-up and dented. Some of the glue on the inside lining has come loose somehow, making a sticky mess in some areas. I asked the Rimowa storespeople why this would happen and they couldn’t offer me an explanation. Nonetheless it’s been on 30+ trips with me already and is still managing to hold up.

The cabin I got two months ago - already showing some black tar marks on the aluminum corners from the 2 trips I went on since getting it. I also got my initials heat-stamped onto the luggage tag which is fun.
FC0706EE-BA8C-414A-96F8-8E4E9FC457B5.jpeg A83B48CF-BE42-4DE7-B104-4B03DD57590E.jpeg