Rileygirl's Collection

  1. Hi,

    I've been collecting bags for about a decade now. Started with Coach and moved to Louis Vuitton. My collection is humble compared to the awesome collections here but I love them just the same. My friends laugh because I change bags every day to match what I am wearing. I've been wanting to post ever since I found this lovely forum and finally had the chance to take some pix. This helped me learn 1) I have a lot of bags, and 2) I need to take better care of them. Nonetheless my collection is a "working" collection so they're not in the best shape...but used and loved!:love:

    Here goes:

    Starting with my LVs (all mono and all purchased from Waikiki or Ala Moana Boutique in Hawaii): Petite Bucket, Pochette Accessories, Mini Looping, Papillon 26, Speedy 25, BH, Vavin, Musette Salsa, Wallet with Zip Pocket, Sophie
    lv collection.jpg
  2. Here are my coach bags: The first one that started all this craziness is the British Tan Bucket
    old school coach.jpg coach accessories.jpg coach back pack.jpg coach sig.jpg suede coach.jpg
  3. And some other Coach bags:
    pink coach.jpg red coACH.jpg
  4. And lastly, the one Dooney bag I actually liked:
  5. Great collection, I think it's great you have a 'working' collection, I'm all about wearing them, lol. I call mine my functional collection, lol, bec. I don't keep it unless I wear it. I have to tell you that I am in looooooooooove with the vavin style and can't wait to get mine(from eBay) this summer. I am sooooo excited about it, and hate the wait. Can I ask you a favor pretty please with a cherry on top? Would you mind modeling the bag to add to the visuals thread or just here? There is only one picture with a girl wearing a vavin in the visuals thead and I am dying to see it worn on more people. I'm such a loser that I saved that picture under my favorites and look at it every so often. I like to see how it lies on a person. I understand though if you hesitate, not everyone is into the modeling thing, lol.
  6. Haha...I am not into modelling but will do...I loved the Vavin when I got it, actually fits a lot of stuff (you'd be surprised!). I am a mommy now though so it is hard to carry on my arm. I am actually on my way out the door to do a return at Coach but I'll post a picture with me and the bag when I get back home (I'll stretch me skinny--remember, I had a baby!!!). haha :smile:
  7. Loving your monogram bags, lovely collection ! :yes:
  8. Wow! Love the Coach and all the monogram!
  9. I see you have a looping! What size is it, and tell me honestly, how does that handle work out?

    Great collection, BTW!!!
  10. Hi Madammefifi--my husband is shaking his head as I measure for goes...bottom of the trapeziod is 11.5 inches, top of trapeziod is 10 inches...height is 7 inches and width of base of bag is 3.75 inches. I had no problems with the handle...didn't realize that some people thought it was sore until I read in some posts. To be honest this is prob. the bag that I used the most out of all in my collection. I more of a problem with the Vavin and the Speedy which leaves marks on my arms when I sling them on my lower arm. The looping handle did turn color rather quickly howeveer and the side that is the seam of the vachetta seems to attract and hold dust.

    Hope that helped!

    By the way Speedydelivery I didn't forget about the Vavin pix I am trying to recover from a long day at the Mall!!
  11. Great collection.
  12. Love all the Mono LV!
  13. Damn, girl! I love your collection. I love the monogram bags!
  14. You got some great Coach pieces there! Love the Coach monogram brown tote and the suede flap =)....and of course, gotta love your LV collection! You got the jealous =) Great collection and thanks for sharing!
  15. Thanks. I had a real bad Coach addiction at one time. The Coach monogram tote was my moms and she got to wear it all of one day until I stole it from her :smile:. I don't have too much of the newer things because mark up in Hawaii is ridiculous. For example, I really, really wanted the Holiday Patchwork shoulder tote. Online it goes for 398 with shipping to Hawaii at 40 dollars...I went into the Coach store here and it was at 519!!!!! Unbelievable!