Riley vs. Phoebe

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  1. Okay everyone, I already have the regular sized black phoebe and I love it. The size, the weight, the organization, but for some reason (probably because of PCE), I'm getting the itch again and the riley is so cute! (esp since i'm not getting a celine anytime soon).

    I always get satchels but end up being a shoulder carry girl. Should I pull the trigger? I dont know... :cool:
  2. The Riley is a really nice looking bag.. But for me the small is a little too small and the Reg. size is a little too big! I wish they had a medium version of this bag! If they did... I would pull the trigger too!
  3. I, too, love the way satchels look but the reality is, I won't carry them. If you're not going to use it, you probably shouldn't buy it. Stick with what works for you functionally.
  4. I agree! While I love the looks of many of the styles Coach offers, I know they won't work for me so I don't even tempt myself. I need my sections and pockets for organization. I think it's the engineering side of me...