Riley Two Tone REVEAL

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  1. I just opened up the box, I am dissapointed in how this bag is scuffed up, Coach didn't take very good care on this one. I have seen items off the floor in better shape that she arrived. Anyhoo, here she is...with her matching wallet! Dying to hear what everyone thinks!

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  2. Very pretty!! Congrats!!
  3. Wow really love this bag, congrats!!
  4. This bag is beautiful! Love the combination of colors.
    Leather like this is easily scratched/scuffed, it's just it's nature. The scuffs will usually disappear with a little conditioner. But it will always get scuffs, so if it's something you are not prepared to deal with, maybe return it, without conditioning it first.
  5. Wow it's a beauty!
  6. I think it's gorgeous!
  7. I actually like the rich color. Its a nice brown. Try a drop of some moisturizer to see if that comes out then I would decide from there. Or if you are scared to touch it take it to the store and let them try to condition it.
  8. The bag is gorgeous - I actually like it much more in your photos than on However, those scratches would bother me too so I would exchange for another.