RIKI'S & RAMONA'S- How Many are Too Many?

  1. Well Ladies, as a proud Jimmy :choochoo: Choo fan (Fanatic:blush: ) how many of the same bag is considered "overkill"? I have 2 Riki's and 1 Ramona, but I just purchased another Wet Look Blue Patent leather Ramona on eBay. (I know... :sweatdrop: the seller is willing to accept returns if it turns out it is not authentic. I have never seen that color faked to date, so I will keep my fingers crossed) [​IMG]
    I love the size of the Ramona and they style is just so Awesome:yes: :yes:
    Should I move on to another style or is it ok to own the same bag in different colors?
  2. Normally I would say, "One more wouldn't hurt!" But in this case, I would try a different style. The Riki and Ramona styles are the same except for the size, so I would mix it up a little if I were you. :supacool:
  3. :drool: :drool: Your Wet Look Blue Patent leather Ramona is TDF!!!!!!!
  4. Hi Robyn! How many is too many? OK. I think anything beyond 8 Ramonas and 7 Rikis might be calling for a Mahala as the next choice. :yes:
  5. I think having a few of each is not overkill because the colors are so awesome. I love your newest edition, the blue patent leather. I have a Riki in the patent leather bordeaux. I wouldn't mind having a patent leather blue one too!
  6. there's no buying, selling or trading permitted here.
  7. Robyn - how about a modeling pic ;)
  8. Can I hide my face & body? I will get DH to take a few this weekend when I have some nice clothes on and the "look" in order:yes:
  9. That blue is georgeous! I don't think you have too many. Enjoy!!!
  10. robynbenz - that blue patent is just lovely! :heart:

    If you love the Ramona, then by all means, get one in every color that you want!!! ENJOY! :flowers:
  11. You obviously love the style:smile: Honestly, to me it seems like the same style in diff. colors, and I do love JC Riki/ramona a lot. But if you love it so much, it's all good:smile:
  12. And truly, the new "distressed" leather almost makes it look like a different bag. I also think the Ramona is a perfect size. Didn't somebody here say that about shoes -- "if it fits, get it in every color"? I can easily carry everything I think I need and find it quickly.
  13. If the style and sizes are working for you and your happy why change for the sake of change. Love the blue.
  14. If you love it, then go for it. I did that with the MJ Venetia, I bought several colors because I liked the style so much. I have the navy ramona and almost bought the patent, but didn't because it was the same style, now wish I had, it's sold out everywhere!!
  15. I say buy as many as you like.