Riki in taupe anyone?

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  1. Hello there! this is my first post at Choo, i'm usually at chanel as you can tell :P

    I've been falling madly in love with RIKI!!! I've recently purchased 2 and I'm thinking about getting another one!

    I remember seeing the Riki in taupe a while ago but i couldn't remember exactly how it looked so i'm wondering if anybody owns a riki in taupe that can share some pix with me?:tup:

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    Did you look in the reference guide? Look for both Riki and Ramona...same bag, different size. I am thinking I don't remember the Riki being made in taupe...
  3. The closest color to taupe is the mink color...wouldn't you say jmcadon?

    The Riki, Ring, and Ramona came out in Mink Drummed leather in S/S 2008. You may find one somewhere. I'd try the boutiques first.

    There is a picture of the Ramona on post #2: http://forum.purseblog.com/jimmy-choo/ramona-brown-eel-and-mink-drummed-leather-way-319988.html
  4. I've been looking for a Riki in Mink/Nude/Stone too! I've never owned a Riki but would like to soon...:P

    I want to share something that happened the other day. I was working and walked by a woman taking to a vendor of mine, and she was wearing a black Riki. It looked fantastic with her outfit. I said "I love your Riki." She said "My what?"
    I said "Your Jimmy Choo-it's a Riki, right?" She looked down and said "I have no idea."

    The conversation sort of ended right there. I felt a little silly.Oh well.:shrugs:

    Anyway, it made me want a Riki more!!!
  5. Wow, just wow! How could you have a Jimmy Choo and not know it. Even if it were a gift, you'd think one would try to find out a little bit more.
  6. I looked in the reference guide, there was nothing :sad:
    yah they made riki in taupe, i tried one on in store a while ago but they are no longer avaliable, all sold out! so i figured they must be purchased by choo lovers haha and where else to find a choo lover besides here :yahoo: so i'm hoping some one has that bag :tup:

  7. Was it the nude patent? How long ago did you see it?
  8. I am trying to remember if there was an off white/taupe, but since I usually don't look at really light colored bags, I just don't know. Maybe IIson or Robynbenz will remember???
  9. There is a Riki in "Camel" at the JC N.Y. 5th Avenue store (not on sale) Spoke with them this morning....

    I'm sure they could email pics-
  10. yes it was like a nude patent but it was a little darker than nude and they said it is taupe! i just remember it looked good lol i saw it like 3 weeks ago and now they are all gone. None of the JC stores in the states has them anymore:sad:
  11. if you are interested to see the color, here is ramona (cannot find picture of riki) in patent taupe (from net a porter)
    taupe patent ramona.jpg
  12. yes that is the one!! thanks everybody for helping! its such a pretty color, i hope it will pop up on one of these websites soon haaha