Rihanna's lipstick

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  1. Can someone pleaseeeeeeeeeee point me in the direction of this lipstick or something very similar?? It looks to be a matte


    Thank you so much!
  2. another picture. I really like that fuchsia/berry color

  3. It is pretty! Maybe from her line at MAC.

  4. i will just gag if it is! Stupid sold out lipstick *kicks trashcan*

    Got any dude suggestions?
  5. If it's her MAC lipstick, it would likely be Pleasure Bomb which is, sorry to say, sold out. But there are dupes. It could also be Mac Heroine.
  6. i have Heroine. Do you know of what liner I could pair it with to make it look like that?
  7. That's what annoys me about Mac limited lipsticks so hard to get makes me mad.
  8. right! and paying $50+ for it off *bay is out of the question
  9. So I found out.. the lipstick she's wearing is "Heaux"
    She follows a friend of mine on IG and Twitter and my friend asked her for me.

    Crap! :girlsigh:
  10. Heaux with a liner to make it darker.. That's not the original shade maybe nightmoth or vino

  11. that's what I was thinking.. but I don't even have heaux. so now I have to find a suitable dupe
  12. [Q UOTE=.pursefiend.;26263449]that's what I was thinking.. but I don't even have heaux. so now I have to find a suitable dupe[/QUOTE]

    Yeah I have heaux, it's like a raspberry finish but in certain lighting it's almost like pinkish
  13. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393012385.701675.jpg
    This is heaux a little faded in a bright lighting
  14. Can anyone tell me what are the dupes for all of her lipsticks.

    I know:
    Riri Woo = Ruby Woo

    What are the rest? It would be nice to have one list.

  15. I believe for bad gal riri you mix rebel and candy yum yum