Rihanna's jacket...Can someone help me ID it????

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  1. Rihanna is wearing this absolutely styling jacket and bag:drool:...they are both HOT!!!...I just wanna know does anyone know what brands they both are????....TIA!!:smile:

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  2. I have a very similar jacket that I recently purchased at Zara. Not sure where to find her specific jacket however.
  3. Wish I knew...They are both cute ;)
  4. Sorry but I do not know nice Jacket
  5. Thanx you guys:sad:...hopefully I'll find something like it- cuz its really cute:shame:
  6. she does wear a lot of madison marcuc stuff and alexander wang..... maybe you should look up some of those brands:shrugs:
  7. Thanks for the update I'll get on the search:tup:
  8. its really cute. keep us updated
  9. i love rihanna's style!!! she's HOT!
    sorry OT
  10. Maybe Diesel? She's been wearing a lot of Diesel lately as well.
  11. The bags is a Gucci Boston bag from what I see on the bigger pics posted in Rihanna thread in celebrity-section.

  12. thanks for the info on the bag:tup:...the search is still on for the jacket:rolleyes:, diesel does have similar looks to the jacket, so....
  13. sorry for the typo i meant madison marcus