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  1. :yahoo:New thread!
  2. checking in!

    Hated the last outfit lol..

    Necole B posted an article this morning about Rih going off on someone on IG that was saying she was the reason JR Smith was shooting bricks. I would post the article but the site is blocked here. They're hating on me and my daily blog roll :lol:
  3. Riri Hearts MAC- Summer Collection. Launches June 7th.


    Riri Woo
    Riri Boy
    Heaux- :lol: Only Rih. This is the color I want to get my hands on. It looks pretty.


    Blush Duo


    Lustre drops

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  4. Heaux looks GORGEOUS!
  5. New thread!! yay. I want Heaux & Boy. But Boy looks like up the Amp to me.
  6. They do look similar. I think the only real difference is that Riri Boy is matte.
  7. I'm definitely snagging Heaux!
  8. I see I'm gonna be heaux'n this summer... :graucho:
  9. I do not wear makeup but these lipsticks have me veeeeeeery intrigued. Has anyone tried them?
  10. Ok thanks, I saw Rih's response in the archived thread too. That girl is a mess lol.
  11. New York City (May 16)

    Attached Files:

  12. The moment I get a flat stomach like hers.. I'm never wearing full length shirts. Mark my words :roflmfao:
  13. New York City (May 17)
  14. Her hairstylist just opened a salon in Brooklyn.... now you can go and get your hurr did like Rihanna's...