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  1. forget swagga jacking...is anybody gonna comment on THIS :roflmfao:
  2. ^ sure.

    she should use the bathroom before she gets on stage. lol
  3. ^ In the bathroom? Things like that should be handled in the privacy of your own home (in the bedroom... with the door locked... even if no one else is home)! LOL!

    This hasn't been posted:

    *That was her best choreography by far: step, step, pose, step, pose, *BANG* and slide.....

  4. sure do! its cute though must be nice to have such a great best friend.
  5. I think for the most part she is D.O.A. when it comes to stage performance but I wouldn't mind watching her concert just for the fashion.
  6. "Te Amo" Video Set Paris, France April 29th 2010

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    Not exactly about Rihanna, but...

    Link to Chris Brown radio interview

    Chris Brown: "I Love You" that's rocking right now.
    DJ Kash: Oh with Ester Dean?
    Chris Brown: Yeah with Ester Dean. S**t rocks.
    DJ Kash: Word? I was actually thinking about making that my pick of the day.
    Chris Brown: Yeah but what I'm saying is y'all don't play my s**t.
    DJ Kash: Yeah we do, but that's just not even impacting on the charts. Is it even anywhere on the charts?
    Chris Brown: Yeah
    DJ Kash: What number is it at?
    Chris Brown: What number is it at? It don't matter though so...why am I even doing this interview? F**k it I ain't doing this s**t.

    lol. Career Fail.
  8. ^Lmao! I'm sorry that is funny.
  9. :nogood: Nice going Chris, nice going.

    "Te Amo" Video Set Day 2 April 30th 2010

    The dress she's wearing is by Mara Hoffman

  10. That colorful dress looks amazing. Looking forward to the video
  11. I like her hair!

    That Chris B interview was funny! I do like that song though its a club banga!
  12. ^ I haven't heard it. I guess I'll go Youtube it.
  13. The makeup is making her look rough in all of the video pics. That long dress is amazing though.
  14. i bet he cried after that interview

  15. lol!!
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