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  1. Probably because she's not underaged and she's not harming anyone but herself by partying.
  2. Love her new Twitter avi :yes:
  3. she looks gorgeous!! :biggrin:
  4. ^^ So pretty.
  5. Not even Atelier Versace???...
  6. Rihanna ~ Out shopping Capri, Italy, Jul 19:

    Source: OnCelebrity
    a11.jpg a12.jpg a13.jpg a14.jpg

  7. That's a joke, right?
    There have been PLENTY of those stories. PLENTY.
  8. she looks pretty. orange looks good on her
  9. lol... no.
  10. Love that orange dress
  11. She's so pretty.
  12. Yup

    I have to say I don't think she's out of control, I think she's acting just like my friends and I did just on an international stage, if you are a young person in Barbados you more than likely have a party/lime rotation, so every day if you choose you are going out, there's a cruise, lime, fete, club, bar something at every single socioeconomic level, heck if you have the money you go to another island and party too.
    The drinking is normal for a bajan and the amount could be considered excessive to most Americans, infact when I was younger it was normal for the American guys who hit the club to end up with nor near alcohol poisoning trying to keep up with the local girls, normal drinking amounts is what Americans call binge drinking we can tuck away some liquor.

    Anyway LOVE the orange dress, but her hair.
  13. I go to a total party school (ranked number 1 for several years cause we do it big) so I see nothing wrong with it. I have honestly gotten drunk every night this week except Sunday. Last night was a trip. My friend ended up vomiting in front of this one bar. It was cray. Which means I'm hungover typing this right now. But I see nothing wrong with her living her life as a young person.

    Rihanna, get yo life.
  14. ok that line is the exception but their everyday wear stuff is :nogood:
  15. What parish are you from? My family is from Christ Church.
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