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  1. OMG that last look would'a been SO HOT without those boots, what is it with her and footwear?
  2. melissa is just so .. *sigh* that girl
  3. people are mad at Riri? if i were her i'd be giggling in the background laughing at those lames.
  4. ^ I agree, it's not her fault or problem.. Chris Brown & Drake need to grow up
  5. a11.jpg a12.jpg a13.jpg
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    a11.jpg a12.jpg a13.jpg
  7. Preach to the masses! We can't hear you!!!!!

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  8. No.

    Why is she wearing dark lips in the summer?!?
  9. ^^ That is probably the least of her problems...
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    a13.jpg a11.jpg a12.jpg
  11. I have been looking for that sweater everywhere!!! Not digging the rest of this outfit though
  12. the hat and the ponytail are giving me some Janet "Rhythm Nation" tease...

    i like the sweater but she needs to give the timbs back to Jigga.
  13. Dear lord can she just stop with the clunky hideous footwear and trying too hard to be interesting outfits... When Melissa is dressed better than her its time to reassess.
  14. Has anyone seen her new tattoo?

  15. Yup. I like it. :smile:

    For those who haven't seen it yet


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