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  1. You got your wish. She changed singles and now Rockstar 101 is the next single. She's performing it on Idol right now.
  2. Yes! I turned there just in time. And I never watch the show. She looked soooooo goooood.
  3. How'd she do? I got a phone call and had to leave the room.

    The video is going to be sick. Slash and Rihanna could be a nice collaboration.
  4. She sounded ok. But then she started playing the guitar at the end? I think. No Slash. That was interesting.
  5. ^ Hmm..I'll watch it on youtube later.
  6. just seen a video of her idol performance...i wonder what simon thought of it...
  7. I watched the performance and it was ok. Not her best performance vocally but I thought the guitar part was cute.

    My biggest issue with Rihanna is her inconsistancy. One performance she sounds good and the next one she sounds off.
  8. I listened to the interview this morning and she sounded really energetic and happy. Good for her.
  9. Leaving a Medical Building April 8th 2010

    The hat killed this look for me, I also would have preferred she wore a tank instead of that shirt. It is nice to see her in some color...

  10. rihanna got some cute little thick legs
  11. ^definitely
  12. I heard rumor shes engaged... wtf?
  13. ^yeah i heard that too.

    however she has confirmed matt as her boyfriend. can i be slightly jealous now :girlsigh:
  14. hmm.. about the only things i like in that last pic are her earrings and makeup lol
  15. She has amazing legs.

    Love the shorts an the shirt but not together. BTW, where is BBF?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.