Rihanna X Dior

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  1. From WWD:

    Photos from DiorMag and WWD:

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  3. Wow! Love the silver reflective version! I can totally see the reference to La Forge, so futuristic! Im definitely getting the Esprit Dior vibe from these, they would have fit perfectly in that collection. I would love to see them in person, I don't think they'd suit my personally but they look like show stoppers
  4. Thanks for posting Joe! You always post the best Dior news :smile:
  5. They were inspired by the older Dior Hardcore and Dior Bandage sunglasses. According to the article, Rihanna went through some of the Dior frames from the early 2000s as a launching point, so they are as much Dior as they are Rihanna.

    I wonder if they will match me. I want a pair.

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  6. Aww thank you very much!
  7. these sunglasses actually look cool :coolio:
  8. +1!
  9. She wears them well. She has that ability to just "rock/own" whatever she's wearing and lets her personal style shine through as well.
  10. I just bought myself a pair of Bandage and I am soon going to hunt Hardcore's (I have seen these also by the name of Punk, does anybody know if there's a difference?). I love the Bandage, they kind of have Vetements' aesthetic right now.
  11. I've seen them referred to by both names as well. They are truly unique sunglasses, and they are still "ahead of their time" even though they came out over a decade ago.
  12. Dior's sunglasses have been so successful since the launch of the So Real sunglasses in 2014 (as well as other highly innovative designs) that they are one of the best-selling eyewear brands now, surpassing Chanel's eyewear sales.

    I'm sure the Rihanna sunglasses have been a new chapter in this success story.

    Article: https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/intelligence/dior-sunglasses-success-safilo

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  13. rihanna has the worst style - i just dont get it (maybe I'm prude) but the only way i can describe her style is prostitute chic
  14. I dont know about these - they look great on her as she is all styled up and has the perfect shape face etc, not sure how these will go on average people? I dont think these will be for everyone somehow and certainly not for me, but then I am more of a classic girl anyway.
  15. I haven't tried these in person so I don't know how they will fit me, but I was surprised years ago when I got a pair of Dior Bandage glasses how they actually looked fine on me. Never thought I would be able to pull them off. Glad I got them.

    If you get a chance, try these Rihanna sunglasses on. You may be surprised at how they fit your face.