Rihanna with long hair!

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  3. I like her hair!
  4. She looks awesome with long hair .
  5. She looks great.
  6. She's had this length and color before, but yeah she looks good.
  7. not loving the color...
  8. Nooo, I loved her hair short! (...Not that the new do is really bad or anything...)
  9. i like it. also love her dress.
  10. She's really cute. She can pull off both long and short!
  11. I think her face is stunning, but her hair is not my fav. The bangs are too heavy IMO.
  12. I like her hair!
  13. I think her "before" hair style and color looked better, but she's still beautiful.
  14. She just looks so incredibly "ordinary" to me.
  15. I like her better with short hair.