Rihanna @ TRL

  1. Rihanna drops by TRL on Thursday (taped Tuesday) and chats up Josh Hartnett, Laura Bell Bundy (Legally Blonde on Broadway), and members of pop punk group Paramore — lead vocalist Hayley Williams, lead guitarist Josh Farro, bassist Jeremy Davis and drummer Zac Farro.

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  2. Here's more...

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  3. You missed naming the fabulous Taylor (I have no idea what his last name is) from the members list for Paramore. He's the other guitarist but he's not a permanent member of the band, but he is such a cool kid.

    CAN I JUST SAY THAT I WAS SITTING DIRECTLY BEHIND JOSH HARTNETT, AND I WAS FANGIRLING THE ENTIRE TIME! Lol, sorry, but my friend and I kept on talking about how hot he is the entire time he was in front of us. And ew at the fat blonde in the front row, she actually elbowed me when I was running to the front for Paramore's first performance, and was calling Josh hot, but didn't even know his name!
  4. She looks adorable.
  5. I dont like the tea cosy on her head.

    Hayley is tiny!
  6. Tea cosy alright - it looks fugly and I don't like her high-waisted pants here either.
  7. Rhianna had on these super high heels, which is why Hayley looks so small. But Hayley is tiny, I'm 5'2" and I'm definitely taller than her (that was my 5th time seeing Paramore).