Rihanna Trades Her Umbrella for Crutches

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  1. [​IMG]R&B supah dupah star Rihanna was seen limping on crutches as she left Diavolina on Robertson, with her right foot bandaged. S.O.S please, somebody help her!

    The "Good Girl Gone Bad," has her legs insured for one million dollars, no word yet if that new Hawaiian silky weave she's sportin' is also insured.

    Hopefully the beauty will get well-a, well-a, well-a soon.

    Calls to Rihanna's publicist to ask if a claim was filed on her leg insurance -- were not immediately returned.
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  5. oh - thats too bad.
    i wish her a speedy recovery!
  6. wow...poor thing..
  7. I wonder what happened and if its covered by her insurance policy. I still think she's stunning. I like her better with the bob cut though.
  8. I liked her with the sleek bob much better...
  9. She is very pretty. I hope she goes back to the bob and gets better fast.
  10. Ouch...hopes she gets better, crutches are a pain in the ass!
  11. Hope she gets well soon.
  12. I believe I read she ran into a chair.
  13. she still looks cute, but i too like her bob
  14. What is it lately! Either rock star girls are drunk and wrecking...or dancing and falling down!

    P.S. I really miss her hairdo.
  15. I'm sorry to hear she broke her leg. Her voice is next if she keeps screeching (singing?).