Rihanna Poses as She is Named 2007 Venus Breeze “Celebrity Legs Of A Goddess”

  1. She looks hot, check out those TDF Christian Louboutin's!
  2. Not sure why people would think that about her legs. They look square to me.

    Oh well ! Love her shoes.
  3. hot shoes and beautiful figure, but not the nicest legs i've ever seen.
  4. Her legs aren't shapely, just straight. Very nice glow though
  5. :confused1: I've seen better legs. More toning will help.;)
  6. wha?
    No shape to them at all, they look very 'soft'

    whatever! LOL!
  7. cute shoes
  8. Her ankles appear a bit thick, IMO< but those are hot shoes!
  9. She looks beautiful and her shoes are gorgeous
  10. eh, i just got back from FL a few hours ago. I can't stand her music.That's all they played every other minute on the radio over there!!!!!!!!!.her voice is annoying..and I heard shes trying to out do Beyonce.
  11. Me too. Don't like her legs at all. But the shoes are stunning.
  12. Yep - the shoes are hotter than the legs IMHO:smile:
  13. Being a petite 158 cm, her legs look dang' nice to me :roflmfao:
  14. her pose is completely stupid and unnatural!
  15. Love the hair and I agree with not being the nicest legs out there.