Rihanna performing at The Dome 42 (05/25/07)

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Beautiful, youthful legs!! I'll bet she puts on one heck of a performance.
  3. I love rihanna, she's an amazing performer and beautiful too!
  4. wow~!She has hot legs!!!
  5. I think Rihanna is one of the most beautiful performers.
  6. Does anyone care that she can't sing live?

    When she was here at MuchMusic, in Toronto, presenting at some award show and "performing," she only lip synched. She was the only performer to do so. Every other performer was able to at least sing along to their tracks. There were a lot of interesting comments from the backstage crew/camera/technical people about her ability, or rather non-ability, to "sing."
  7. ^^yeah, i saw some youtube clips, and it was so unbelievable. I still think shes gorg though...the the forehead may be a bit protruding.
  8. I love her, and her new song Umbrella is great!

    (yes, I agree.. shes not the best live performer)
  9. I cannot stand an "artist" who can't perform live! That's 3/4 the point!
  10. she's hot and has a killer body.
  11. She is gorgeous and she looks very tall!!! But I agree about her performing live she could do better!
  12. I am not a fan of her music BUT she is HOT!
  13. That 'Umbrella' song is so catchy!
  14. She is very hot!!!!!
  15. Wow she certainly looks good!