Rihanna And A Weird Colored Dog

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  2. i'm glad she dyed her hair back darker... actually, the color of the dog is kind of similiar to her hair color last week...:lol:
  3. she's getting better!
  4. Awww, that puppie is sooo cute. Completely upstages her :p
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. That dog is so adorable it looks like a stuffed animal!

    Rihanna is probably the only person I know of that could pull off high pants like that. I think on any "normal" person those jeans would look ridiculous.
  7. That dog is so cool!!! I ust want to go cuddle him!!!!

    As for her outfit... I think she'd look so much better in a dress or a skirt...
  8. She's pretty. The dog is cute too....she looks like a little teddy bear...:love:
  10. dog's cute, but don't care much for R's annoying vocals :yucky:
  11. Soo adorable:love:
  12. The puppy looks like a poodle.
  13. She looks better with her hair like this.