Rigidie Kelly - slouch factor

  1. I need to ask the Kelly lovers and experts here. Theoretically speaking, the rigidie style Kelly should hold its shape well over time (a long time), right?

    But I have come across pictures of rigide Kellys that slouch. E.g. a togo 32cm.

    So, if I want a Kelly that holds its shape up, does it mean that it's better for me to choose a 28cm over a 32cm?

    And that I should choose stiffer leathers? But I also do not want a plasticky sort of leather finish. Please help me to short list the leathers I should look into.

    Many thanks:P
  2. My 28cm Thalassa Kelly is the Rigide style. No slouch. I think it depends what leather it is. Mine is box leather so it tends to hold its shape.
  3. I think Togo slouches because it's a softer leather, if you want something sturdy I think you should go with stronger leathers. Clemance will also slouch, so will Mysore and Chevre.
  4. That's the one in your avatar, right? Gorgeous! Thalassa Blue is so lovely in Box. It's very attention-grabbing :P
  5. Yes it is! Thanks!
  6. Bagg,
    What sort of stronger leathers would you recommend? Gigi and Flossy did educate me to the slouch factor of both togo and clemence, and I remembered that well. I had (stupidly) thought that the outside stitching of a rigide Kelly would take care of that problem until I saw that picture of a Togo slouching, did it alert me that I had a wrong notion.

    I have never come close to a chevre mysore or chevre coromendal (sp) Kelly or Birkin, and am disappointed to know that they slouch too :sad: . After seeing all the fabulous chevre bags here, I actually had chevre shortlisted as a leather to have ...
  7. S, leather does play a part - e.g. In the case of a souple Kelly, Togo would slouch more than box calf or Vache Liegee. Since box & VL are stiffer & more sturctured to start with.

    However, I would say the style (souple or rigid) matters more. If you really like a Kelly that holds it shape perfectly for a long long time, get a rigide(sellier) Kelly! :flowers:
  8. I would agree with Bagg about the stronger leathers--epson/box/chamonix/vache and of course make sure you get rigide/sellier
  9. Hi Gigi
    Am so happy to see you here!

    I am slowly warming up to owning a Kelly. It may not be in the immediate future but I am thinking I should evaluate its parts in greater detail, so when the opportunity to own one comes up, I can make better informed decisions.

    Someone was saying that the Kelly exudes a sense of elegance not comparable with any other bags, and I am beginning to appreciate the style. At first, I thought I would be impartial towards the souple Kelly because I don't really want to the stitches to show. Then I found out that inside stitching will make the Kelly slouch more, even in box! This realisation made me swing to studying the rigidie style, and this is where I am at this moment.

    So it'll be good to understand from rigide Kelly owners, what leather they could recommend above others.
  10. Mrs.....here are some pics for reference and my own observations:

    32cm Togo Sellier/souple (soft & slouchy)
    28cm Caramel Chevre de Coromandel Rigide (keeps its shape, no slouch at all but somewhat flexible due to the outside construction)
    32cm Rouge H Chevre de Coromandel Souple (keeps its shape, no real slouch but nicely flexible and "gives" due to the construction)
    32cm Black Box HAC, Chamonic Bolide & Kelly Elan (Keeps its shape always with no slouch at all)

    I think a Birkin in Chevre would be gorgeous because the leather would "give" a bit but not slouch as much as say Togo or other soft leathers.....
    mizzK.jpg Chevres.jpg hacelan.jpg
  11. Thanks, Japster.

    Is epson a very thin leather? I know it is scratch resistant but I also think it's very plasticky.

    Box - I have been told it's a leather TDF but I am so afraid to leave scratch marks on it. How have ladies prevented scratching their box bags? Apart from trimming finger nails real short and wearing gloves when handling them :lol:

    Chamonix - never seen it before; so shall look out for it in the leather book. Anyone owns a bag in Chamonix and care to share pictures?
  12. Mine's a 32cm boxcalf....nooo slouch whatsoever......

    Shopmoms correct about the chevre Birkin, my friend had her 35 rouge h chevre Birkin with her on our shopping spree....a teeny bit of slouch...just perrrrrrrrfect!!!!
  13. Shopmom, your bags are amazing!!! Love the Chevre Kellys and I just can't get enough of your Elan! Does the Elan have a top handle or is that a different Kelly clutch altogether?
  14. Sellier would be the choice for you;

    Box leather in all colors is beautiful and will hold the shape forever, it will also keep it's shape in Retourne (inide stitching)

    Vache Liegee is so stunning and I recently saw a 28cm Sellier in Ebene with GH and I am sold to this color and leather combo! It will also keep the shape in Retourne.

    Epson will also keep very good shape Rigide or retourne, but it is not my fav leather.

    Barenia will also keep it's shape if you get it in Sellier

    Chamonix will also keep it's shape

    I'm thinking, I'm thinking,... :idea: I can't think anymore I'm brain fried!
  15. wow, while my brain was going shopmom took care of it for me, thanks girl!