Right Start, Tiny Ride and Babystyle CLOSING...

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  1. #1 Feb 1, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009
    So I have a registry at Right Start...luckily I've already had my shower and received most items...but I have been waiting on the 10% back you get from purchases made. I have yet to see it. So I googled how long it takes to receive it and I saw tons of links that RS is closing down...Babystyle and Tiny Ride already have along with their online sites. :Push: So just letting those of you know who may have gift cards to Right Start...hurry and use them! I have $300 on a GC I'm going to run over and use tomorrow!!

    Sorry if this has already been posted. If it has then please close. TIA!
  2. wow, what are you going to buy ?
  3. I have been waiting for a breast pump to get back in stock so i'll look and see if they have one in. ugh so sad. i really loved that store.
  4. your insurance may cover the one you want you should check with them first if you have time ! Maybe if they don't have a breast pump you could get a really good umbrella type stroller like Maclaren for when the baby gets older.
  5. that's so sad.. i loved Babystyle when my boys were toddlers. I got quite a bit rocker shirts for them...so cute! I thought I didnt see the store earlier this year when I walked into North Park mall in Dallas.
  6. What a bummer. I loved Babystyle for maternity stuff, absolutely my favorite for that. Didn't shop at the Right Start as often, but they seemed to have cool stuff as well.

    How odd that they'd close their web presence down first. I would think it would be much cheaper to run than the brick & mortar stores (which I saw that babystyle's closed four of for now), now that the infrastructure is there.
  7. Oh no.

    A big baby store has shut were I live "just Kidding" I've been telling all my pregnant friends about it. some made the journey, & it was shut down - opps :shame:
  8. OMG - I was looking forward to going to Babystlye when I am in AZ next month to buy stuff for my daughter. This is really sad news!
  9. Mrs. MC I looked into it w/ our insurance and it's not covered. :tdown: But we need to get a swing so i'll run and get that tonight. I was wanting to purchase the puppy dog stuffed chair off of babystyle...now i'm not sure where to get one.
  10. Yikes, here's another announcement on their site:

    babystyle is sad to announce that we have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Due to this filing we are prohibited from accepting or issuing babystyle Gift Cards and babystyle Merchandise Cards at any of our remaining stores. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Any pending orders that have not yet shipped have been cancelled and your credit card will not be charged.
  11. I have a merchandise credit and a girlfriend of mine has $50 gift card. Why can't they take merchandise credit or gift cards? Isn't that like robbing us of our money?!?
  12. ^ yes i think it is horrible! thye closed fast and swift i believe so they wouldn't have to honor them.
  13. wow experts on the economy weren't kidding when they said not to invest in gift cards anywhere ! I guess Babies R Us will regain and maintain their monopoly as far as brick and mortar stores. I mean when you think about it people are going to continue to have babies so there will still be a need to buy this stuff. Sorry to the OP that you didn't get to use your gift card, that sucks ! Maybe since it is for so much money you can file in court.
  14. #14 Feb 7, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2009
    Wow, that is really too bad, I loved Babystyle and The Right Start during my pregnancy, and during my DD's first year.

    ETA: Is this all definitely true? The Right Start site is up, including the registry, but the Babystyle site is down.
  15. ^ Yes i just went in to use my right start gift card, luckily i could. Their UPS has now been suspended which is why you can't order off their site or they can't ship to you or other stores.