Right place Right time yesterday :)


May 1, 2006
United Kingdom
Hey Lovelies

Well I was late night shopping in Kingston yesterday as the girls had some vouchers. Well you always have to walk through Mulberry to see whats occurring don't you :graucho:

Well it was 10 past 5 and it was buzzing there............. :nuts:

At 5 o clock, Mulberry had called them to advise that ALL a/w seasonal coloured bags that had previously been on sale at 30 percent were to be reduced to 50 percent immediately :yahoo::woot:

What happened next was like super slo motion lol :lol:

I watched them take the Eggplant Giant Buckle bag from the glass counter in front of me, cross out the £895.00 tag and mark £444.50 on it

Now this was truly the only bag that I would have wanted at full price last season, its the slouch of the Alexa but with the buckles of the Tillie (which I still love) and Eggplant is a pretty special colour after all

It was untouched, as it was in the cabinet, and had all plastic protectors in place, so with my heart pounding I just heard a voice that was mine say, can I take a look please!


Mar 7, 2009
Hi CB - it's great to "see" you!

Of course you couldn't leave the poor little thing behind! :lol: