RIGHT place at the RIGHT time!!!!!

  1. U need to take that bag fuschia to the outlet when u get her - she will be 139!!!
  2. AWesome score! I have never found anything gathered in outlet...they don't get much deletes in S'field in any case. Happy for you!!!!

  3. S'field SUCKS - they lazy - they wait to long to put out deletes
  4. Not crowded at 1pm on Saturday? WTH!

    Mama Sage is too big for me. No Poppy Tangerine, huh? :graucho:

    (You know if you ever see that at the outlet and don't text me immediately I will hunt you down. :p )
  5. Congrats on that beautiful bag, and the great price!
    Love the gathered bags.

  6. NO - NOT as crowded has I have seen it at 1pm
    I was shocked

    I got u on the Tangerine!!!!\

    we have to arrange a Coach date
  7. Shut the front door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    way to go heffa. :smile:

  8. Thanks HEFFA - YOU MY GAL!!!!!
  9. OMG.

    Another stunning reveal from you! She's gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. Beautiful! I LOVE that colour and had to get it in the wallet! Congrats, my friend! Another outlet triumph :smile:.
  11. LOVE this! Congrats!
  12. BOOO - YAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

    That's how it's done. She was waiting for you, I would have skipped my happy a$$ to the register soooo fast lol. Enjoy :smile:
  13. Still just 10...;)

  14. jajajajajaja just 10:p
  15. Friend, you know how we do it -!!
    I was happy dancing all the way
    ppl looking at me like I was crazy
    I DIDNT CARE BC i knew I had the SCORE