right now, what's one bag you can't live without?

  1. for me, right now, it would be my brown outdoor hobo, use it for work and play everyday.
  2. after I get used to it, it'll probably be my new Cotton Club bronze tote, otherwise. . . I gues my metallic black Luxe Flap as it's most versatile.
  3. i've come to realize that i'm a tote girl...love the cotton club bronze tote, the only one toronto chanel boutique has left is the blk, which isn't as pretty as the bronze.
  4. one bag?! JUST ONE?
    i guess it'd have to be my X-large (which is still smaller than the jumbo mind you) black washed lambskin classic flap, it is THE perfect size for me, i can dress it up and dress it down, fits everything i need! love it!
  5. x-large? i'm not aware that classic flap comes in xlrage....do you have a pic of it?
  6. I'm a tote girl as well:yes:
    But that Luxe Flap is just so. . . amazing! :biggrin:
  7. i've posted pics of it in the reference library :smile:
    the sizing for these bags were a bit different to the normal classic flaps though!
  8. Black original cabas! More versatile than I would have thot!
  9. My n/s beige Cloudy Bundle tote! I know you said one, but it is hard to pick just one, so add to this my black deerskin luxe bowler. If someone stole these out of my purse collection I'd need meds stat!
  10. My grey reissue isn't leaving my arm for the last 5 weeks just when it's raining I leave her heavy heratedly at home but she's the bag I love the most out of all of my bags and I don't regret any Cent and any minute I spend to locate her.