Right now... what is in your purse?


Jan 29, 2006
Black Chanel 2.55 (doesn't fit much)
Tods men's wallet
Chanel clear lipgloss
Chanel pressed powder compact
Motorola phone
Loose change which is probably scratching up the interior leather
Valet ticket
Dry cleaning receipt
hmm.. lets see what i have here...
compact & lipstick
eye glass case
victorias secret gc (just given to me)
and keys
LV wallet
LV makeup case (lipsticks,liner, bronzer,blush brush)
hairspray mist
lovely perfume
goggles for tanning
purell wipes (washing hand thing) LOVE EM!
in my LV Speedy 25...
- Fendi zucca wallet
- Louis Vuitton Vernis Small Agenda in Framboise w/ cerises insert
- Samsung cell phone
- box of Junior Mints
- Chanel sunglasses case (w/ Prada sunglasses in it. the Prada one broke and the glasses place had an extra Chanel case so they gave it to me - someone swiped the glasses that belonged in it!)
- key ring consisting of parents' 4 house keys, my apartment keys, mailbox keys, keys to my boyfriend's house, key and keyless entry to my car, Coach lime green mini skinny, University of Georgia key chain, key chain from my high school, Delta Gamma keychain...this is why i can't carry small bags.
- lancome juicy tube (one of the tinted ones)
- black pen
In my eggplant colored small studded bulga:
--pink coach wristlet for makeup etc
--chocolate brown coach signature wallet
--lancome juicy tube in magic spell & rouge sensation lipstick nightingale
--tiny hairbrush
--pen & tiny notebook
LV suhali tresor wallet
Fendi Zucca agenda
YSL sunglasses case (with ysl sunglasses)
Prada silk make-up case (with bronzer, Stila lipglosses, powder and various lipliners & eyeliners)
Hermes multi-keyholder
Vanilla oil perfume
La Mer lipbalm
Mini hairbrush
Pink Motorola (covered wth swarovski crystals, sooo pretty!)
Ipod (covered with matching swarovski crystals)
Nail file
Purell gel

..and many more bits and pieces...no wonder i can only use BIG bags!
In my LV Speedy 25:

Medium LV agenda
small umbrella
LeSportsac make-up bag
Cell phone
Kate Spade pillbox
Metro card
Rosebud Salve
small copy of Jane Austen's Emma
In my Chocolate the first medium balenciaga:
the new SLVR cell phone in the little pocket( since its new I somewhat care and don't throw it in with the keys)
my ids thrown around with some money because I lost my wallet by the pool in Miami.
Prada makeup bag( nars bronzer, loreal mascara, dior lipstick and lacome juicy tube)
a pen
a highlighter
my burts bees lip balm
and a lot of change i threw in there (origionally intended for the car but i forgot to put it in there)
in my LV Cabas Piano (doesn't hold very much):

loose change in the bottom
Kate Spade cranberry continental wallet
Cingular ROKR phone
Coach scarf print umbrella
Blistex chap stick
Coach Suzie sunglasses and case.
my whiskey paddy:

- Burberry novacheck wallet
- Noikia mobile phone
- Samsong MP3 player
- Tissue bag
- Digital camera
- Oyster card
- Makeup bag (mirror, christian dior lipgloss, kohl pencil, MAC powder compact, body shop papaya lip balm (for kids), body shop white musk body spray (for me) and a vanilla one (for kids), oil of ulay hand creme)
- Doctors' appointments cards for various family members
- Johnson's wetnaps
- Small umbrella
- Whiskey colored leather gloves
- A purple pen
- Torquise Rosary
- A roll of reciepts
- Coach sunglass case (with burberry sunglasses inside .. dont ask!!)
- Grocery list
- An extra pair of nude silk socks
- A bag of peanut M&Ms
Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories has..

- Coach mini sig wallet
- Louis Vuitton white MC cles
- Clinque compact
- Tide to go pen (best invention, ever !)

That's it, pretty empty !