Right now, I am really loving my MJ....

  1. I thought that I'd start a thread to see what everyone has been really using and loving from MJ!

    I just started using my new-to-me Sap Green Venetia and I *adore* it. The leather is soft and slouchy and it's sooooooo lovely. My old (brand new) Venetia just didn't have that worn-in slouchy look and I much prefer the slouch!

    Sap Green is such an awesome color. I am in :heart:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What are YOU loving from MJ right now?:graucho:
  2. the elastic quilted line, form and function and fashion-appeal in unison... i like this line because it's beautiful, but its leather is not soo sensitive that is water touches it you worry, it has a patent leather protectant and then it has that classic stam form.... what more can i say... it's delicious
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    aggie, is it the plum one? :graucho:

    I've been alternating btwn my hudson and trish. Been loving my trish a lot more these days tho because of the longer strap to free up my hands! ask me again next week and I may be back to my hudson. :p
  4. Right now, I am REALLY loving my MJ Mix Quilted tote. It is perfect for work--so easy to carry and get in and out of; not too big, not too small; useful compartments--yet its still chic IMO, not a typical boxy work tote.



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    great pics of your mix quilted tote, cosmopolitan. i love it's richness and sheen...the contrasting smooth and quilted leather just compliment the gold tone hardware so perfectly! tres chic!
  6. ....My Green Quilted Elastic Mina. Never in a million years would I have thought to buy a green bag, but I love the color and have gotten so many compliments on it!! I love how lightweight (for an MJ) it is & how easy it is to carry/get in & out of. It's one of the few bags that I can open & reach into w/o having to take it off my shoulder first. It's also mostly responsible for making me love/appreciate the Stam - I honestly haven't been too interested in that style until I got my Mina. Now I'm obsessed!

  7. yes it's in plum... i think i was one of the first gals to have it... i had my original one in October and was using then... i couldn't stop talking about it...the bag is delicious....

  8. I'm diggin' my new (to me) black Lola so hard right now! She's so beeeyoooteeeful!! And so chic and PRACTICAL with the umbrella in there!



    And when I need more room, I carry Farrah, my black TT Faridah. I LOVE HER, too. Well those are the only MJ bags I have, so I guess I love both equally! :love::p
  9. i can't get enough of my berry stam! next on my to-buy list is a chocolate patchwork stam.

  10. I'm really loving my black MP w/ gold h/w. It's so functional for everyday errands and it sits comfortably on my shoulder...sorry no pic.
  11. Christy in Bordeaux for daytime/errand running- The wide shoulder strap makes it super comfy on shoulder.
  12. Today it is my Topaz Stam :smile:
  13. Navy Elastic Stam! Love it so much!
  14. I've been neglecting my elise and have taken her out and fallen in love all over again:heart:
  15. I am waiting to fall in love with my new "old" red blake!l