Right more decision making... Plomb GGH vs SGH



  1. Plomb SGH Part Time

  2. Plomb GGH Part Time

  3. Plomb GGH Work AND Sienna SGH Part Time

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  1. heya guys!

    ok, so i had my heart set on the Plomb SGH PT... then BOOM!!! saw "T" CRACKERS Plomb GGH PT and Starbrite's Plomb GGH work.... :heart: plomb GGH!!!

    now I have a really really hard time trying to decide which one to get! I've always loved the GGH and have only been "into" the SGH since the violet...

    so whats it gona be for me? bearing in mind the Plomb GGH PT will probably be harder to find... people in BalHK have never even seen/heard of the combo!

    or the other alternative would be to get the Plomb GGH work and Sienna SGH PT (instead of city)??? to add more variety to my collection? :confused1:

    for ref I currently have:
    1) Greige Twiggy
    2) Cafe GGH PT
    3) Sandstone GGH work
    4) Violet SGH work (coming soon)
    5) 2005 Rouge Theatre City (coming soon)
    6) 2005 Caramel City (maybe - eyeing one now!)
    7) Sienna City (next month)

    so what to do what to do fellow Bbag lovers?

    TIA! :tup:
  2. WOW!!! You have some great bags! As much as I love Crackers Plomb PT I like SGH on Plomb the best! You already have a few GGH bags so I think SGH would be a good balance. Where did you get your RT City? I just got one, too, and I AM IN LOVE! You'll love it! CONGRATS!(on all of your GREAT bags)
  3. I am voting for the Plomb SGH PT.:yes: I love this combo and i know BalParis has them. I called them the other day and the price is around $1400. :tup:If you can't find one, then go for the Plomb SGH Work.:yes:
  4. I'm w/ NaNaz & I also love the SGH Plomb ... I have the Plomb SGH City.. and it still makes my heart beat faster whenever I pull it out of storage...:girlsigh: The Sienna w/ GGH is stunning too~! g:huh:d luck on your decision.. this ones a tuffy!