Right hand ring question

  1. I have been married for 5 years and have only worn my wedding rings on my left hand. I want to get a diamond ring for my right hand and I am not sure what is a "do" or a "don't." My wedding band is a platinum channel set diamond bad and my engagement ring is a 2 ct diamond. So if my diamond band is channel set, does that mean my hands will look silly if I get a prong set eternity band for my right hand? I guess I want the rings on my left and right hand to flow together, and I don't want to take away from my wedding rings. Is there a rule that if you have prongs or channel set, then that is the way you go?? Am I over-analyzing this?

  2. I think you are over-analyzing this.

    I don't think there are any rules. Wear what you like.
  3. I don't think the settings matter too much but I would try and stick to the same cut. I have princess cut on both hands :graucho:
  4. So know one thinks it will look bad or "off" or tacky if I have a channel set eternity ring on the left and a prong set eternity ring on the right??
  5. I think it would look fine. :shrugs:
  6. I think it would be fine. I don't think it's necessary to match rings so exactly.
  7. Sappho, I feel a lady should wear what seems good and right to her on either hand.

    For the past year, I've been wearing a Tiffany Lucida on my right hand just because it's such a comfortable ring and feels good there. I change out what I wear on my left hand....wearing what I'm in the mood to wear at any given time.
  8. I agree, you should just wear what feels right. I don't think the setting is too much of an issue, in fact, it's probably a bit better to make your right hand ring a different setting, because that way you can really experiment with what you like.

    As long as it sparkles so much that oncoming cars crash into the backs of buses, it's good:supacool:!!
  9. :graucho: Thank you everyone for all the advice! I am going to get an eternity band with the prong setting...now I just need to figure out how many carats!!
  10. Mine's really different from my wedding set. My e-ring is a three-oval of around 3cts total weight, and my wedding band is a really simple channel set with small rounds. I wear them together on my left hand. The combination is actually quite subtle and not too blingy. However!! My "right hand ring" is a big, fat, antique cluster ring of about 6 carats. I don't wear it everyday by any means, but when I do, it's definitely a WOW statement.

    I'll take pics in a second so you can see how different they are.

    ps: I just celebrated my 5th anniversary too!
  11. OK it's hard to get a clear pic of a ring on your right hand when you're right handed! Nevertheless, here they are.
    Here's my wedding set, which I wear every day.

    And my right hand ring, which I really only wear for dressy days/evenings.

    As you can see, the settings are totally different. All they have in common is that they are both diamonds set in platinum.