right girlies.. my new dilemma!


which Plomb???

  1. City RH

  2. Work RH

  3. Part Time RH

  4. Part time Silver GH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. thanks everyone for all your input for my SS work GH...

    so now... I just got a new list from a seller and I'm now again very indecisive... I've had my heart set on the plomb PT SGH.... but her list had others in it that I've grown to really like... so what you think?

    1) Plomb Work RH or
    2) Plomb City RH or
    3) Plomb PT RH or
    4) Plomb PT SGH or

    for ref... I already have a greige twiggy, cafe PT GGH... and got an anthra city RH on the way and then the SS Giant Work (once I've paid it off)...

    but I'm so greedy I want anthra work GH as well now too!

    I'm gona be broke very very soon!

  2. I like the plomb with the RH and I think that the city style is so classic that you can't go wrong. However, now that I noticed you have an athracity with RH, I might lean toward the PT with either RH or the GH.
  3. I will vote for city RH as well as i prefer it in classic look.....from ur current collection, u have one PT GGH & Giant Work.
  4. yep, I vote for city RH
  5. I think this color would look gorgeous with SGH, so I voted for the part-time w/SGH! I'm so excited for you, whichever bag you get!
  6. I think anything plomb will be gorgeous. :smile:
  7. Since you're already getting Anthra City RH, my vote goes to RH Work. Although Anthra has more blue undertones than Plomb, they're both quite similar(from the pics I've seen), so I think you should get the Work.

    You can fit a lot more than the City, but it doesn't look that much bigger....honestly, the Work is fantastic! It just goes with both work/casual!
  8. I voted plomb PT SGH...it's unlike any of your other bags. It'll add even more diversity to your (already) great collection.
  9. I would get a Work or City w/ RH!:yes:
  10. Work with RH
  11. I really love the part time. Big, but not too big! Plomb with silver GH is beautiful!:tup: