Right bag...wrong color??

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  1. I got a blue Choo off ebay and I will first say that it is a beautiful bag and it was a smoking deal. Now the problem is that it is not the color that was described. The listing said Electric blue...but this is the cobalt. I did ask the seller to verify that this was the elecric blue from 2007 and not the cobalt (from 2009) and she said yes it is from 2007. I am going to keep the bag, I guess as both are pretty hard to find, but I would like the seller to know that this is not what I thought I was getting. Sooo what kind of feedback??? She must have known when she bought the bag. She also has sold other Choo bags.
  2. Maybe it was an honest mistake. i would say if you are going to keep the bag leave positive feedback. You could also ask for a partial refund.
  3. It is true, she may not have known the color name, but why say you bought it in 2007? I will not leave negative feedback though as the bag is authentic and was a really good deal.
  4. Hmm, I say kindly email the seller and let her know the bag that was sold to you isn't the electric blue but the cobalt blue. Then, let her know that you plan on keeping it even though it wasn't what the one you wanted originally. See what she says, and if she's nasty about it, leave appropriate feedback. If she admits she made a mistake, I say let it go and give her positive feedback. You did say you got a good deal right? ;)
  5. ^^Ok. That is what I did. I guess I am just slightly disappointed as I really wanted the electric blue.
  6. ^agree here.. perhaps it was truly an oversight.. cobalt and electric

    may look the same to some people.. perhaps the seller didn't know that

    there was cobalt and electric bleu and perhaps she did??? would let

    her answer you about the color and if she is not so cooperative , would

    perhaps leave a neutral.. color not as described????:graucho:
  7. It's possible that the seller wasn't familiar enough with the brand's colors. It really could be an honest mistake, but when they make the mistake in their favor- in this case the more desirable color- then it makes you think twice. I had this very situation happen to me before. I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it or not, so I let the seller know about the color issue.The color I wanted and the color she sold me were VERY close, but distinctly different. The seller responded appropriately and offered a return or partial refund. So hopefully your seller does the same, and if she does, then I would leave a positive.
  8. Unless she said she bought a 2009 bag in 2007, I would give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she just didn't know any better.

    Good though that you are happy with the bag regardless - always nice to get a smoking deal.
  9. It happened to me before but I decided to live with the color. (It was a Camelbak backpack for hiking.)
  10. what a nice gesture and suggestion :smile: I will follow this next time.

  11. ^another good suggestion... explore your options...
  12. I sent an email to the seller last Friday. No response so I left neutral feedback saying the bag is authentic, but not the color advertised. This is really how I felt. It was a neutral transaction, not great, not bad. Had she told me she was not sure of the color, I don't know if I would have bought it. She posted a stock pic of the electric blue along with really small pics of her own, I guess. When small pics are posted I wonder if they are stolen. She has sold several other high end bags and the pics for them were not small like these. I did ask for more pics which she sent to me, but they were blurry and looked to be the e-blue. I think it was just the lighting, and she did not show any pics with the suede showing. I then asked her to verify that it was the e-blue from 2007 and she said yes it is electric blue from 2007, word for word so that is what I thought I was getting.
    Well it is not, it is the cobalt from 2009...a nice bag, but not the coveted e-blue. How would you not know when you purchased a high end bag? This bag is only a year old...The bag is nice and to tell you the truth I just don't want to hassle with a return and a claim.

  13. Under the circumstances a neutral is the right feedback.. sorry that

    you are disappointed and just enjo:biggrin:y your bag...
  14. ^^Thanks...I have never left a less than positive feedback so this was hard. At least it did not downgrade her rating.