Rift owners...any thoughts?


Dec 24, 2005
I was in LV tonight to buy an agenda and the rift caught my eye. I am especially fond of it in the multicolore. Any thoughts on its functionality? Can you fit a fair amount in it? I think that it's adorable. I like that it can go across the body and that it's smaller...I don't want to look like I have a lot of money. I know that sounds nuts, but the multicolore is so obviously LV, and the bigger the bag, the more there is to notice.


Feb 14, 2006
I have the LV MC Rift in white!!! I LOVE it-- it holds my wallet, keys, makeup, and cell phone! I use the front pocket for tickets, small papers, notes, etc.
This is a cute bag because (1) nobody seems to have it (even here in LA), (2) you won't get the handles dirty or have to put the bag down since it is a body strap, (3) great for walking the dog since you don't have to hold onto it, (4) great for travel since you can turn it more to the front of your body where no pickpockets can get to you, (5) you can even ride a bike with it on!!
So, in a word, a smart deal. If you get it at your LV store, bring your usual "purse" load of items with you so you can see first hand what fits and what doesn't.
Hope this helps!