Rift or Wapity?

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  1. Does the Rift have a removable strap?

    I think I'd like that bag instead of the wapity but I would like to be able to use it like a wapity as a wristlet and also an accessories case in my purse without a strap.
    I never get to try on things unless I buy them online or call a store since I'm in the boonies so advice is definitely welcome.:yes:

    For those who own one or both, which bag should I go for? It will be multi, of course! :heart: :yahoo:

  2. nope, the rift's strap is not removable. The rift is bigger than the wapity but if you're looking for more of a wristlet type, go for the wapity :yes:
  3. Between the wapity and the rift, I would definitely get the wapity.
  4. wapity gets my vote.... its just darn too cute.
  5. I vot wapity!
  6. get the wapity:yes:
  7. I like the Rift because you can wear it across your body and can be handsfree. With the Wapity, you can hold it with your hand or on your wrist...

    My vote is for the Rift.
  8. Wapity!
  9. I was real confused for months over the wapity. I really, really loved the look of the Berlingot, actually, but enough posts on tpf convinced me it really wouldn't work for me. So, I got the wapity (in BLACK MC, of course!:yes: ) and I LOVE it!! I use it in my regular purse as a little cosmetics case, and even though I haven't yet used it on its own, I decided to keep the strap hooked on because I don't want it not to patina while the rest of the trim does and then decide someday to hook the strap on and have it look funny. (Did that make sense?) Sounds like you want to use yours pretty much the way I'm using mine. Go for the wapity -- it will be perfect!
  10. I like the rift more because it is hands free and very cute.
  11. Wapity! I have a monogram Partition(now discontinued) that I LOVE! It is very similar to the Wapity. It is small and has a wristlet strap. I find I use it tons and when I don't carry it on its own, I usually stick in my larger bag. You will love it!
  12. Sounds like you need the Wapity. :yes:
  13. wapity all the way!

    this is also on my list! it's SO adorable and has just enough room.
  14. Wapity! The rift wouldn't be a good wristlet because it is a cross-body bag and the strap is pretty long.