Rift between Mills and Stella McCartney???

  1. Is it true that there has been a rift between Mills McCartney and Stella McCartney? And that Heather Mills married Paul b'coz of money?

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    Source: Celebritywonder.com
  2. The money thing - no one will ever know the true anwser to that,

    but in regards to Stella and Heather, those rumors have been circulating since day 1.
  3. I posted about this in another thread- but I think it is extremely difficult to marry a man who was widowed after so many years with such a wonderful woman. The kids will probably resent whoever they end up with, no matter how nice they are. And being that woman is hard, because being a stepmother is an extremely difficult (and thankless) job most of the time.

    Combine those stressers with the fact that Paul is probably one of the most famous/wealthy men in the world and I would imagine things would be very challenging. I have been in a stepmom role to two girls for some time, and have been involved in support groups for stepmoms for a while too. We discussed Heather's marriage to Paul when it happened and I think all of us were prepared to hear that the children he had with Linda supposedly hated Heather. If this is indeed true- then it isn't really Heather that they hate- it's the fact that Paul is with someone else and that person is not Linda, their Mother. I sincerely hope they can work things out, as I always felt from looking at them together that they had a great deal of affection for one another.
  4. I honestly don't get WHY a man of Paul's wealth and age with three grown kids would want to marry AGAIN! What is wrong with just living together?!:oh:
  5. I completely understand why Stella would hate Heather Mills.

    My mom passed away 5 years ago, and was the kindest, sweetest, most giving human being that there ever was. Nobody could come close to filling her shoes.:sad:

    My dad is getting remarried this Saturday to a gold-digger. This will be her fourth or fifth marriage (I'm losing track). It breaks my heart to know that this piece of sh*t that my dad is marrying is going to have the same last name as my precious mom.

    I'm all for Stella resenting Heather. :rant:
  6. ah Chihuahuaqueen. I am so sorry for you. I hope for your dads sake you are proven to be wrong and he has a long happy marriage, but I think you are probably right. Sometimes we seem to have a sixth sense about these things and the only person that cannot see it is the one blinded by love (in this case your Dad)
    I hope you manage to get through Saturday, I have no experience to offer any constructive advice of how to get through it, just offering a big hug to you from me :smile:
  7. We had the same troubles in my family - wonderful grandma/center of the family who passed - and my grandfather remarried a real witch within 2 years time. While the woman WAS a witch (even gramps admitted he shouldn't have married her), I know he could have married an absolute ANGEL and my mother would have given her hell regardless. My mom's sister, however, was very nice to the witch! Anyway, some peoples' personalities are just not capable of seeing beyond their own loss or happiness. But there's nothing wrong with recognizing a gold-digger or mean-person for what they are. As for Paul and Heather and Stella et al - only the family knows the true story.

    Oh chihuahuaqueen, I am so sorry to hear what is happening to your family. In time the truth does come out.
  8. The Stella & Heather Mills "dislike" has supposedly ALWAYS been around. I can see how Stella wouldn't be so thrilled with a new "step-mom," especially one that's rumored to be a gold-digger, is closer to her age than her dad's age, and have her dad getting re-married when her mom was the love of his life...

    Mills did NOT sign a pre-nup, so I think that's getting the gold-digger rumors flying even more!
  9. I think you put that very well! Linda and Paul had a great marriage, it's impossible for *anyone* to live up to Linda. That being said, Heather Mills does seem like a nice person. She's always been very involved in charity work-especially with landmines, I honestly doubt she's a gold digging witch.

    IMO, if the rumors are true shame on Stella, and those children who don't support their father's marriage. Paul never meant to replace Linda with Heather, nor do I think Heather ever wanted to take Linda's place. They were in love. Was Paul never supposed to find love again, and spend the rest of his life alone and unhappy? I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. I think that's a very immature and selfish way to look at a relationship.
  10. Well said, jillybean.
  11. Interesting article from the Daily Telegraph.


    Gold-digger jibes 'worse than losing my leg' says Mills
    (Filed: 18/05/2006)

    Heather Mills McCartney has described her despair at being labelled a "gold-digger" in a new book.

    She describes allegations that she targeted husband Sir Paul McCartney for his money as "worse even than losing my leg" in a self-help guide she has co-authored, to be published next week.

    The couple confirmed yesterday that they had agreed to separate after four years of marriage, saying they had found it "increasingly difficult" to maintain a normal relationship in the glare of the public eye.

    Last night, Sir Paul also hit back at suggestions that his wife had only married him "for the money" and called her a "generous person".

    His comments came as lawyers speculated that Lady McCartney could stand to get £200 million in any future divorce settlement.

    In her book, a 200-page guide entitled Life Balance - The essential keys to a lifetime of well-being, Lady McCartney discusses how to "nurture your mind, body and soul". It contains personal anecdotes and describes her "open and loving" marriage.

    However, in a chapter on self-esteem she describes how she found life increasingly difficult after marrying Sir Paul.

    She writes: "I've been in the public eye for some years, ever since I lost my leg, but I had no problems with my relationship with the media until I got married. The press made me out to be a gold-digger and I decided to keep my mouth shut and say nothing.

    "Looking back, I think that was a mistake. That period turned out to be the darkest and most difficult in my life - worse even than losing my leg."

    In the book, she says wealth is not the key to happiness, writing: "I have learned that peace of mind has very little to do with luxury or leisure."

    In a section on communication, she says: "Countless relationships - between nations and individuals - could be healed through proper communication."

    She adds: "I have to admit that I haven't always been the best communicator: I really had to work at it."

    She also emphasises her role throughout the book as a "working mother", saying: "When our daughter was born I recognised that if I was going to continue to do the things I enjoy, such as seeing my friends, having time with my husband, going to the gym and focusing on my work, I would have to learn to balance all these different elements of my life."

    The couple met in 1999 at a charity event a year after Sir Paul's first wife of 29 years, Linda, died from cancer.

    In 2001 they got engaged while on a short break in the Lake District and they wed the next year at a remote countryside castle in Ireland.

    Lady McCartney gave birth to the couple's daughter, Beatrice Milly, who is now two, in the autumn of 2003.

    Since the beginning of their relationship, Sir Paul and Lady McCartney have been dogged by critics attacking her motives for being with the pop legend.

    Lady McCartney has revealed in the past that she offered to sign a prenuptial agreement before marrying Sir Paul, but said he turned her down.
  12. Maybe if he had married someone Linda's age they would have had more in common.
  13. I heard that Paul could lose up to a quarter of his estimated $1.56-billion fortune after separating from Mills!!!
  14. a quarter of 1.56 billion is still well over a billion!!!

    think about it...A BILLION DOLLARS

    definitely more than one family can spend in a lifetime

    hell, i'll take a mil!
  15. No offense to anyone, but I agree with Jillybean. Was Paul just supposed to spend the rest of his days alone and grieving over his wife?
    He loved someone once, he could do it again without 'disrespecting' his wife's memory.

    If I passed away I'd want my husband to be with someone who makes him happy...and treats our children nicely. I'm not self-centered enough to want him to be alone until he passes away.