RiffRaff's Things That Make Her Smile

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  1. These are my things that make me smile. Even on a bad day they can brighten my mood, and especially on a fat day they always fit :yahoo: . Due to my job I don't get to wear, carry my smiles very often but even knowing they are there can make the difference. Small collection, but I'm quite sure with all you enabler's out there it will soon grow :p
    Everything1.jpg Everything2.jpg Jimmy Choo.jpg All.jpg Coach.jpg
  2. Not small at all- love your shoes and your choo bags!
  3. Wonderful collection!:love: Shoes, purses and bling - what else can a girl ask for?!:nuts: Thank you for sharing!:yes:
  4. Great variety!
  5. Love the shoes!!!
  6. Love the shoes and JC bags!
  7. Great collection! Loove the shoes!
  8. Great collection!
  9. Love the shoes!
  10. Just looking at your pics made me smile! I"m glad they make you happy.
  11. Very nice!!! Love your shoes!!!
  12. So very nice thanks for sharing.. :smile:
  13. Lovely colletion!
  14. Love your collection!
  15. Great collection!! thanks for sharing!!