Riding the Speedy "size" fence

  1. I'm a relatively new LV addict. Just started my collection last year. So far, I have (all LV Monogram)....Alma, Cabas Piano (my fav), Sonatine, Trocadero, Ellipse PM, French Purse and Tresor Wallets and Babylone. The Speedy looks like a fun, versatile purse, but I can't decide whether to get the 25 or 30. I'm 5'8" so I can pull off big purses, but I'm wondering if the 30 is just too big inside.
  2. i think u will look better w/ a 30.
  3. First welcome to the forum!
    I say go for the 30!!

    I have the mono 25 and wish it was a 30, i'm only 5'4. I also have the Mc speedy 30 and love the sizem just not the weight.

    I find with the 25 (what i carry from bag to bag) its just big enough. When i get an extra wallet/key and cell phone its FULL! With the 30 its just easier to move things around in there and find things.
  4. Go with the 30. You will be surprised how quickly you can fill it up! :smile: Like I have said many times, the opening on the 25 is very narrow......
  5. the 30 is a great size...i know many girls love the 25 but it's just too small...if you carry a good amount of stuff it's definitely best to go with the 30. I have 2 30s. I even waitlisted for the 25 and the 30 because I am so in love with the look of the cerises speedy, but the 25 is just not do-able.

    I'm 5'5" but usually wear heels, so I'm usually anywhere between 5'7" and 5'9" and the 25 is awkward looking when I'm in flats.
  6. Go with the 30!!! You'll never outgrow it and tihs bag is a "forever bag"! 30! 30!
  7. Def. 30!!! I am 5'8" and 25 looks small for my frame (IMO).:smile: BTW, welcome to the forum!!!:flowers:
  8. I don't go by looks on bag sizes so much as functionality. I'm only five feet tall and I carry a 30. Love it! Holds plenty but is so easy to carry!
  9. I'm in the minority when I say this but I like the 25. I'm 5'8" and I have it and it is perfect for me. I carry a small paperback, a makeup case, a large Coach zipped wallet, cell phone, compact mirror, keys, and various loose lipglosses and I could fit so much more. That's only half full!
  10. I'd say 30 too.
  11. another 30 over here. i'm 5'7 and LOVE mine. the 25 looked proportionally odd on me.
  12. Wow! You guys are fast. Thank you SO MUCH for all the replies. I've hopped the fence....30 it is!!! I now feel totally confident in my decision, thanks to you all!
  13. I was going to suggest the 30 as well :smile:
  14. I would definitely go with the 30 if you can pull it off, us short girls are forever envious ! ;)
  15. I'm 5'5" and I have the 30. So I say go with the 30.